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Five for Friday: Fabulousness

8 Jun

It’s seriously already Friday night? I love it! I’m just chilling tonight, relaxing at home with my poochy while the boy is away visiting his family.

I’ve got some great stuff to tell you guys!

1) Teaser: I went to the most amazing event last night! Give and Glam – it’s a girls’ night out to benefit Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Complete with a bar, a fashion show, and a silent auction – plus the opportunity to get all dolled up on a Thursday night! I met so many amazing ladies, and got to spend lots of time with one of my fave run partners, actually not running!

 Sam Jess Give & GlamA full write up on this, likely tomorrow!

2) Dinner/drinks post Give & Glam with two people I’ve never met before. I love this blogging world I live in – people are amazing. We sat and ate and talked like we’d known each other for years. Is it a blog thing? Or just a girl thing? Hmmmm….Either way, it was so fabulous to meet Jodi and Melissa and I look forward to seeing them again soon!

3) Another teaser: Another post I need to write. I’m working with a fabulous group of ladies on something called Project 10: Real Women, Real Fitness, where I get to put my brand spanking new NASM Certification to work! (This came in the mail yesterday!). More on that likely this weekend too!


4) I’ve already got some potential clients in the works! I never imagined things would work SO FAST! I am beyond excited to begin working with fitness clients and helping people get into their best physical shape!

5) Kicking ass and taking names is the game when it comes to my new job. I am on 10,000,000 all. day. long. But, I love it – not the job, but the high paced environment because it means I get the bill paying work out of the way faster so I can get home to work on what will be the future bill paying (and fulfilling!) work! I am seriously beyond busy in this new job – it’s a very fast paced, detail oriented, demanding position, which totally fits me. So far so good while I continue to work here to make my life the exact way I want it to be.

Life has really taken a turn toward amazing for me in the past 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier right now.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!



Five for Friday: Stuff, Just Stuff…

1 Jun

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Lets get right to it, shall we?

1) I have been suffering from a SEVERE case of writer’s block. Not good as a blogger, eh? So I may be a tad scarce for the next couple of weeks – I do hope it doesn’t take much longer than that to come back.

2) Speaking of that writer’s block – Chicago Marathon training begins on June 18th. So, I should have plenty to talk about very very soon. I’m following a program from Runner’s World to get me to my time goal. And this time around, I’m not talking numbers. I was dared by a certain someone to not talk about my number goals – and, well, I’m not one to back down from a dare.

3) I started my new position at work this week – and so far I really like it. I’m working with the Project Managers processing and expediting construction documents. My official title is Expediter/Submittal Coordinator. Sounds important, right? It’s so much better than the Office Manager position I was working before – I feel like a giant weight has been lifted! I know I talked about it a bit earlier in the week – but I felt like reiterating now that I really know more about the position and what’ I’ll be doing.

4) So much for heat training…temps are dropping again this week. I know, I know, I have all summer. But I was really looking forward to starting now, since, well, I already started… I’m planning on keeping up my weekly hot yoga classes to assist in this process. With two half’s (July and August) and a full coming up that could potentially be warm – I’ll run in all the hot weather I can between now and then!

5) I know, you’re reading this going, and what about all that vagueness about that someone from the other day right? I didn’t want to write about him without permission – some people don’t like their lives being talked about all over the internet. But, he said I could – soooo…I am officially no longer a single woman. My friend Jen set me up with Kevin – she knows both of us well and knew we’d hit it off, which we most certainly did do. I am beyond grateful to Jen for her involvement in our relationship (I don’t usually care to be set up!) – but we never would have met without her! We are like 99% the same person – it’s fun to continue to figure out what else we have in common. It’s great to have a running partner who can push me in pace while I can push him in distance (We’re working him toward his first half marathon this summer!). Honestly, there’s so much more, so so much more. But, there’s plenty of time for that! I just couldn’t keep my excitement to myself anymore. (Did I mention there’s so much more? Did I mention I’m a pretty happy girl right now?)

So, life is good, right?! Everything is falling into place – I feel so happy, lucky, blessed, for everything that’s happening to me.

Have a great Friday/weekend my friends (if this block continues…).



AMAZING Memorial Day Weekend Recap

29 May

Hey everyone! Sorry for the unexpected 4 day blogging hiatus – I last minute decided to unplug for the weekend, and it was well worth it.

It all started Friday morning when I took my NASM Certified Personal Trainer Exam and I PASSED! Stay tuned for MUCH, MUCH more on that in the very near future.

Then, Friday night  I went out with someone who is going to be an integral part of my life going forward. Someone who I ran 8 miles with last weekend and had an amazing time (followed by an almost as amazing breakfast). Someone who I ran 8 miles with yesterday as well – and took great care of me as I suffered in the heat of the day. Someone who fit right in with my friends on Saturday night as if he’s known them as long as I have.

I know, I know, I’m being vague, but I’m not sure how much I want to divulge right now. Perhaps more later? We shall see.

Speaking of that party – more amazingness. Jess really is the hostess with the mostest, I am not joking. She threw a party for her hubby’s birthday Saturday night and it was a fantastic time. I sure do love these gals (and their boys, and all of their other friends/family that I got to meet!):


Thanks for the pic, Jo!

Things are really falling into place for me right now. I changed positions at my company – I’m still not sure how  I feel about staying there while I build up my fitness career, but this new position is WAY better than my old one. I have to think, trouble shoot, problem solve, and prioritize. All of that without having to answer phones, DOUBLE BONUS!

So, back to that 8 miles yesterday for a minute. OMG. That is all. It is way over average temperatures for this time of year right now – it was 83 during our run yesterday. Mostly in the sun. I am so not used to that!

It got me to thinking though – in the past couple of years it has been HOT in Chicago in October. How am I going to meet my goal if I run early morning’s all the time, not in the heat of the day? So, I decided it’s time to start heat acclimating. I’m going to run after work from now on, and get used to this weather!

Starting tonight…it’s going to be about 80 by the time I head out for my run. I’ve drank 75 oz. of water, 16 oz. of Nuun, and 11 oz. of Coconut Water throughout the day. I’d say I’m hydrated! Wish me luck!

I hope everyone had as amazing of a weekend as I did!



Monday Love: Run Edition

9 Jan

So it’s Monday. It’s the first full workweek for most of us in a while. We all need a little pick me up.

Well, what’s not to love about running, right? Especially when you had a week/weekend like I did!

1) Lets hear it for rundates! I can’t explain how excited I was when I tweeted last week looking for run dates, and Jessica responded that she had to do 12. I had 14 on tap, which isn’t too hard to finish after having a partner for 12, right?

We met Saturday morning at one of our local bike paths. It was already 50 degrees out at 10 a.m. – score one for Mother Nature in January!

We took off and just ran. I’m pretty sure neither of us paid too much attention to pace – we just ran comfortably. We talked about everything – blogging, FitFluential, kids, family, races, fueling, you name it.

Next thing I knew 12 miles had flown by. With two to go – Jess was awesome enough to stay with me and run the entire 14! It was so much fun to have a running partner – can’t wait to do it again!

The best part – we ran 14 miles with an overall 10:07 pace, and only stopped for a total of 4 minutes, and those were to cross roads. A couple of our intersections had some ridiculously long traffic lights.

2) Marathon #3 Training Update:

I’ve run two long runs in this training cycle so far and both have gone incredibly well. I have big confidence going forward.

Long Run #1: 12 miles. 1:57:34. 9:48 avg pace (A PR!)

Long Run #2: 14 miles. 2:21:49. 10:07 Avg pace. I’ve never run 14 miles as a training distance before. But when I ran 15 miles it was a 10:23 pace, so I’m counting this as a PR too.

3) Speaking of PR’s…I thought I had beat my weekly PR this week, with 38.65 miles, but I was wrong. 49.19 miles is the number to beat – which I set the last full week of August 2011, while training for the Air Force Marathon.

However, I haven’t run that far in a week since the Air Force Marathon. And I’m only just beginning RnR New Orleans training! I will break that PR this time around.

4) 6 miles after 14 miles is hard. But I’m so glad I did it. One thing I’ve never done is run my recovery run the very next day. It was hard to do, but my legs feel great right now. And they get today off!

I think I’m going to continue my long runs on Saturdays with a recovery run on Sunday, for as long as the weather and/or my schedule allow.

5) Something has clicked. I think I’ve had one of those “moments of clarity.” The paces I’m keeping for my long runs are like nothing I did while training for both of the other marathons I’ve run. Now I know I’m only on my 14 mile week, and I’m probably still riding a pretty good run high from a 20 mile weekend; however, something tells me this goodness doesn’t end when the runs get longer.

You know the drill – what are YOU loving on this Monday?!


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