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This is a Test

28 Jun

Hey everyone! It’s Thursday night and I think I am just about where I want to be design wise. Just about because I want a custom header, I want some custom social buttons, and there are a few tweaks here and there that I want to make, such as figuring out how to transfer all of my subscribers over…

What do you guys think?

I really like this new theme – it’s so pretty and elegant. I love the script writing and all the pretty colors… LOL

That’s about all you’re getting out of me tonight – I just wanted you to know that I am still alive, and my blog is 100% back up and running.

Have a lovely weekend – I’ll be back at you sometime in the very near future with my most recent training updates.

*Hint: they’re REALLY good!*




Just Call Me Grace

19 May

Today has started out MUCH better than yesterday did! Let me back up a bit though…

Thursday night I went out for my friend Jen’s birthday. What originally started as dinner turned into dinner and drinks at the pub down the street from her house.


Isn’t she adorable?

The pub we go to is so cool, they have a beer club, and for every tier in the club you reach (they track which beers you drink, and give you a list of what’s left to try) you get prizes! I think it’s going to take me a while to get a prize – especially because they serve pumpkin beer year round and I just can’t resist:


Needless to say I didn’t make it very far into my list because I had to drive, and it was a work night. That didn’t stop us from staying at the bar until 1 a.m. – whoopsy!

So yesterday morning when I got up at 6:30 a.m. I was DEAD. So dead in fact that I slipped and fell down the stairs. That’ll wake you up.

I managed to get up and stumble my way into the kitchen – that was a hard fall, I felt so sick suddenly I had to sit down. It was then I noticed my pinky and was immediately convinced I had broken my finger:


It’s hard to tell from the pic, but the bottom half of my pinky is twice it’s normal size. That, a stiff neck, and a bruised/scraped up elbow seem to be the worst of my injuries. Thanks to my parents for taking care of me by giving me juice for my stomach and ice for my finger!

4 1/2 hours of sleep will do that to ya. Luckily I didn’t hurt any running muscles. I’m a bit stiff this morning, but I’m sure that’ll loosen up once I start moving around.


In other news, you guys know how much I love Saucony, right? I certainly blab on and on about my Kinvara’s enough (not to mention all of their clothing that I own)! Well, I stalk browse their career sight on a weekly basis, hoping and praying they’ll have an opening that I am qualified for.

GUESS WHAT? Yesterday, I found one. Everyone send good vibes, cross your fingers, do a little “new job” dance, or whatever else you may want to do for me. I would do just about anything to work for Saucony. Getting my foot in the door with a position that I am well qualified for would be a fantastic start to a dream come true!

(And, being the complete geek that I am, I tweeted that I had found/applied for this position and the peeps behind Saucony’s twitter account FAVORITED it. Perhaps that is a good sign?)


I realize this is a totally random all over the place post but I have to tell you guys about one more thing:


Larabar Tweet

I’ve also tried the apple turnover one and it is equally amazing.

I gave my mom the Cherry Cobbler one to try and she said it’s deeeeeeeeeliscious!

If you can get your hands on these, do it. They’re fruity, they’re nutty, they’re a perfect snack! Thanks Larabar for sending these my way!


Okay, that’s enough random rambling for a Saturday morning. I’m taking Lexi to the beach today – she’s never been, and it’s going to be a beautiful day!

Have a great Saturday my friends!


Thursday Randoms

3 May

Hey everyone! It’s 10 p.m. already – where did the day go! A few random shorty things and I’m off to bed.

1) I got a haircut tonight – the only difference is I added short bangs. What do you think?

Me New Do

2) I have a job interview tomorrow. Yup. A new job (doing what I do now), in a new place, near my favorite friends. Wish me luck!

3) I have some WICKED awesome guest posts set up for you starting tomorrow morning – you do not want to miss them, any of them, stay tuned!

4) Clean Eating Week 3 is going smashingly! I was really admiring my abs in the mirror the other day, and realizing how much better I feel! I’m loving it.

Speaking of clean eats – you guessed it, time for another giveaway. I hope you guys aren’t tired of the mega celebrations that have been going on this week. I also hope ya’ll come back to read when I’m not throwing tons of fun presents at you!

This giveaway is in the form of my favorite must have daily snack:


From the first time I discovered Larabar I was in love.

These babies are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Safe for peanut allergies (except for the flavors that contain peanuts)
  • Soy free (except for flavors containing chocolate chips)
  • Kosher
  • Free of coloring, additives, and preservatives

Many Larabar varieties contain just 3-4 ingredients! My favorite flavor is Peanut Butter & Jelly – it’s made with dates, peanuts, and cherries. And I kid you not it tastes like a PBJ. Amazing, really. I eat one 5 or more days a week. Sometimes I eat 2 (Like today).

So, how can you get your hands on a case of 16 Larabar flavors? Easy.

Here’s how:

1) Follow me on Twitter. (Required) https://twitter.com/#!/runcupcake

2) Follow Larabar on Twitter. (Required) https://twitter.com/#!/larabar

3) Go to the Larabar website and tell me which flavor you’d like to try most. (Optional)

4) Tell me something random about your day, because it’s 10:15 on Thursday, I’m tired, and I’m not feeling wicked creative right now. (Optional)

5) Tweet: I want to win a case of @runcupcake’s favorite snack, @larabar. If you do too, enter here: http://wp.me/p25oLf-Kw (optional)

This giveaway is open to all residents of the U.S.

This giveaway will end on Wednesday, May 9th, at 5 p.m.

Don’t forget to enter my other giveaways:


Nuun (EXTENDED! Now open until 6 p.m. on Monday, May 7th)

I hope everyone had a great day, send me positive vibes for my interview tomorrow!


P.S. You may hear from me one more time between now and the rest of this weekend, but that’s it til Monday night! Have a great, happy, safe weekend everyone! XOXO

Weird, Wild, Wacky Wednesday

4 Apr

What a day! I have all sorts of randomness for you today.

First, I ran “naked” yesterday, on the urging of this awesome runner and even awesomer friend. I’m just coming back from injury, time and distance should be the last thing on my mind right? I did a small loop from my house that equals about 2.3 miles in about 24 minutes – but I didn’t even care about that. I know the loop well and I know it presents a decent challenge (starting uphill, BIG downhill for almost an entire mile, then rolling back up and down hill to home). I ran, I walked (side stitch from guzzling water on my drive home, less than half hour before my run), I ran some more, stopped and took a picture, ran, walked again (holy huge uphill – I’ve lost a little fitness, and the pollen count is ridiculous), and then finished strong right to the end of my driveway. It felt so nice to just run.


Speaking of running naked, I agreed to do something totally crazy. I am going to run the Cox Half WITHOUT my Garmin. Jess dared (yes dared) me to do so. I am running with her and the hubs (have I told you guys this enough yet? have I mentioned how much I love running with others and to run with THEM? Awesome, something I’ve been wanting to do for MONTHS. I. am. super. stoked.). Jess and Scott both don’t run with Garmins, they run by feel. I am just going to put one foot in front of the other and enjoy this race with my friends, without a worry about time. Again, I’m coming off of injury and this may (will) be the only time I’ll have the opportunity to just run a race for the fun of it, no time pressure or anything. Just me, my friends, gorgeous scenery, and a fun race.

Then I was going to run tonight but decided not to, and I’m glad I did. Physical therapy, a run, and leg weights (all within 24 hours) have left my legs feel pretty darn fatigued – and I have physical therapy again tomorrow!

I haven’t told you guys about physical therapy yet have I? I’ll dedicate an entire post to it, likely tomorrow, so I can tell you everything. This super blabby random post is already getting long!

But I do have to tell you guys, a really weird thing happened at work today – last week the boss asked for a list of exactly what I do, how long it takes, and what’s considered clerical (if you don’t know, I’m an office manager at a construction company – but I am also the receptionist – since they laid her off a couple years ago). Not ideal, but I get paid well, with great benefits. So anyway, today I got called upstairs and informed that there’s probably going to be some re-arranging going on, receptionist hiring, etc. and that I may end up in another position, if I want it. It’s a better position, one that actually requires brain work, and no phone answering (MEGA Bonus).

This falls hand in hand with an apartment my mom found for me in Providence – wicked good rent, including all utilities, in a nice area walking distance to tons of stores, shops, Whole Foods, bars, etc. And two miles from where my bro is moving.

Soooooooooooo what does that all mean? I have no idea, honestly. Remember, everything happens for a reason. I’m going to hold off on the job search for a bit while I finish the NASM Certification, and see where this all brings me – who knows, something really butt kicking could happen at anytime.

And finally, I made some really yummy zucchini burgers for dinner. Just like the ones they have at Ruby Tuesday (if you’ve ever had those). They were delish! Recipe to follow – soon. For now, here’s a tease:

Zucchini Burger

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! I have yoga tomorrow and then Friday is my glorious (and long awaited) rest day, that I’m going to spend with three of my favorite people in the world eating dinner and bowling!


Totally Random Thursday

26 Jan

Wow it’s late already – I had a whole bunch of randomness on the mind today, so here goes:

First, I ran the 3 miles I owed Michele tonight. Which was the first time I’ve run since Sunday. I’ll get to that in a minute.

2012-01-26_18-03-51_196 Now I wonder, how did I ever live without a foam roller?  I was whining about my hip on Facebook the other day, and how I don’t own a foam roller – and next thing I know, my wicked awesome friend Don sent me one right away. How freakin’ cool is that? This thing hurts crazy bad until you’ve rolled over it a few times – and I’m in love with it.

Speaking of my hip – I never told you guys about long run on Sunday because I was too busy watching a very stressful Patriots game. I questioned my sanity on this run more than once – as I dodged puddles, snow piles, cars, you name it. It was a really kick ass run though – until about Mile 13, when I fell completely apart. I don’t know why I fell apart but it was the worst wall I have ever hit in my life. My hip did start to flare up a bit, but this was worse – full body sore, tired, hungry. I’d try to run, it would hurt. I’d walk, and stiffen up. I cried. I swore. My fingers started to go numb (it was COLD) so I’d run more.  I forced a very slow run through Mile 16 to finish, but that sucked worse than anything I’ve ever felt before.

Marathon 3 Long Run 3

However, I’m grateful to Mother Nature for this coming Saturday. 34-44 degrees for the duration of my run, and SUNNY. And, Mother Nature was kind enough to provide us with some unseasonably warm weather to melt away all of the snow from last weekends storm. 18 miles on tap for me Saturday!

Marathon hunger has settled in. I have officially hit the point in my training where I am always hungry, no matter what I do. I’m trying to do my best to control myself, but I can’t always help it. I ate two huge servings of spaghetti with broccoli for dinner plus 3/4 of a sandwich roll turned garlic bread. Good thing it’s Carb Thursday!

I went to the doctor Tuesday for this nagging cold. Lucky, it’s just a cold. Lucky, my doc is a marathoner and cleared me to run my 18 as long as I listen to my body. Woot! I asked his opinion on “juicing” – not as a diet or a cleanse, but as a supplement. He’s all for it – so I went to the grocery store and spent an absurd amount of money on produce. I’ll share some recipes and ideas with you tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peek:


…what other randomness do I have to share with you tonight?

Ooooooh yeah….I remember. I am now the Official Distance Running Advisor for fellow FitFluential Blogger, Mike Schiemer! His blog is called  Frugal Fitness and is CHOCK FULL of workouts, recipes, articles, nutrition info, etc… Check out the affiliate’s page for more info! I am beyond excited to be working with Mike in this aspect, as well as with FitFluential. Do me a favor and check out his blog if you don’t/haven’t already. If you like to save money, this is the blog for you!

Phew, that was super random. There may be more, but it’s bedtime for this girl – another thing the doc told me, MAKE SURE I get enough, if not more than enough, sleep while marathon training, and especially now because I need to kick this cold.

Hope your Thursday was awesome!


Randomosity Galore

21 Dec

Happy Tuesday! I’m in a wicked silly, random mood. I just got back from a butt kicker of a workout, so we’ll start there!

I started with my friend, Mr. No Armed Elliptical trainer – I cranked the incline up to 20 (max) and just torched my quads. What I love about this particular piece of equipment (other than the ability to torch my quads) is that I can tweet, reply to emails, and work while working out. And the half hour FLEW by. 

Then I hoped on the treadmill for an easy 3 mile run with 1/4 mile striders. I did 3/4 of a mile at 9:31 (6.3 mph) then I did 1/4 mile at 8:57 (6.7 mph). That flew by too, and I felt great afterwards. 

Now for some randomness:

A bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam is FANTASTIC. (That’s what I had for dinner – that and some more of my GNC Lean Shake, it has the perfect post workout carb:protein ratio).

I love Google. A few people have posted on Twitter about going to Google and typing in Let it Snow. How cool is that? I also love how Google does neat things for famous birthdays, etc…

Don’t you wish that you could tell how awesome a sweatshirt is going to be when you buy it? Then you could buy 5, ya know what I mean? I have this sweatshirt from Old Navy that I’ve had for probably 6 years. It’s so broken in and the sleeves are falling apart, but I love it. I wish I had 6 more.

Moving Comfort sports bras chafe the hell out of my front bra strap area. Like BAD. WTF? I’ve tried two. I’ve tried Body Glide, Vaseline, you name it. Yet I still haven’t bought another good sports bra, so I suffer (I’m suffering right now – OUCH.)

After seeing this on Twitter today, I am totally buying it for my dog. She only weighs 30 pounds and has very short hair, she totally needs this. 

Oh Mom, are you really going to make me wear a pink puffy vest?
Speaking of buying cool wintery things – I loathe winter. But I love snow. Do I make any sense? However, I am amused when I leave the gym (when it’s 36 out) in shorts and a hoody, then make a stop at a store. People look at me like I’m crazy. I find it funny – if only they knew how crazy I really am. 

I can’t blog while watching the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special – I’m paying more attention to the TV than writing. 

Alright that’s all folks! I’m going to go hit the fridge (yup still hungry – apparently that workout really ramped my metabolism). 

Oh wait, I’m not done (my friends say I write like I talk – today I believe that 100%). 

“Join us (us being FitFluential) on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 7:30 PM CST for a Twitter Chat. We will discuss tips on how to Live Well Now with GNC. The hashtag for the Chat is #LiveWellNow.” More info here!

Will you be there? I will be, and I hope to see ya’ll there (did I really just type ya’ll? We don’t say ya’ll in Rhode Island!). 

Okay, now I’m really done. I hope you guys enjoyed my super silly random post tonight!


Thursday Tangents

28 Oct

Happy Thursday friends! Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of days, but boy have I been busy. Where do I begin?

Tuesday: The big stuff got moved on Tuesday. It’s interesting moving with one man and two women – but we did it! Not without incident of course…

  • Two fingers on my left hand got crushed on a concrete step by the loveseat, and I lost a whole bunch of skin.  It still kinda hurts – and I’m left handed, writing with bandaids on my fingers is difficult!
  • My desk fell out of the trailer – WHOOPS! It’s repairable though, no big deal.
  • My boxspring won’t fit up the stairs of my parents 200 year old house (yeah it’s that old – or pretty damn close anyway). So right now my mattress is on the floor, but I’ll get some plywood, put it in my bedframe, and make do, it’s only for a year-ish.
Now I’m unpacking, reorganizing, etc…it took me until 10:30 last night to put away all my clothes!

Wednesday: I RAN! I RAN! Yes, I ran! Before last night I had run once in 9 days, now twice in 10 days.  I’m mostly okay with it, I’d rather be running than moving, but hey such is life, right? Tuesday night I knew I had to run though, I just knew it, so I mentally prepared myself to run after work on Wednesday.

Anyway – check out this run: 
Right?  As Coachy said, “Enjoy the quality over quantity runs while you can.” Okay, I’ll take that and run with it (bahahahahahah did I mention I’m freakin tired?). So, this run started as a tempo run and quickly ended up as fartleks (does that word make anyone else giggle). I drank a TON of water yesterday, and didn’t stop right up until I started running, so I got a huge belly cramp.  So, I turned my tempo run (accidental tempo BTW – My legs just wanted to GO) into fartleks (hehehehe). Holy crap though, right?

Okay enough about that … maybe…for now…oh yeah, one more thing, this was another “run just to run”…awesome.

What else?

Oh Two things I’m WICKED excited about:

1) Coachy now has a blog.  “And if ya don’t know now you know….” (Bonus points if you know that song…) If you have not checked it out, I highly recommend it.  He may not blab as much as I do but when he does, prepare to be amused AND see beautiful pictures. Check it here yo: RunBikeSurf: Ramblings, babblings and snapshots

Speaking of beautiful pictures… wow I’m on a wicked tangent tonight…I’ve been driving by this for 6 years and finally took pics:

Okay, back on track (is there a track to this post?)

Oh yeah, the second thing I’m excited about:

Read this post from a half marathon PR-ing awesome super awesome woman. And then get excited with me cuz JESS IS RUNNING HER FIRST 26.2 IN CHICAGO! And, um, well, I’m already stalking Chicago registration for the day it opens because I AM running that race next year. There’s more to that, than that, but more on that later.  Follow? 

Okay, if I haven’t lost you by now you should win a prize or something.

Goodnight darlings!
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