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The Day I (Didn’t) DNF

10 May

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA – Something about Sunday’s race kicked the life out of me. After going to bed at 9 last night and a massage tonight I’m feeling a bit more human.

So, let’s back up, shall we?

Sunday morning I woke with the alarm at 6 a.m. And, I didn’t want to get up, so I snoozed. Luckily I stayed in Providence the night before, so I didn’t have to rush. I got up at 6:10 and meandered my way down to the ever so convenient Starbucks located in the hotel. Damn good thing I did – it was already chock full of runners, being that it was about 2 blocks from the start.

I got myself an iced coffee, a bagel, and a banana. I nervously munched and sipped as I got ready. As I was wrapping up my preparation, I reached into my bag for my Garmin, and *GASP* IT WAS DEAD! It must’ve turned on when I tossed it into my bag!

I was panicking because I had hopeful big plans (big plans that didn’t come to fruition – but really, I only ran twice a week for the past 7 weeks so…’nuf said) and I really wanted my Garmin. I was convinced it was going to be a bad day.

When I met up with Coachy and our friend Don, I told them about my Garmin. Coachy and Don were running together anyway, so (being the wondaful person that he is) Coachy gave me his Garmin to wear (thank you thank you THANK YOU AGAIN!). It’s the same as mine but the boy version.

We then met up with Jess, Scott, and Christine, right by the start line. After a long drive from northern MA to RI the girls had to find a bathroom, so while they did that I saw the marathoners off (aka Coachy and Don).

Me, Jess, Scott, and Christine lined up around the 10 minute pace and chatted a bit, took a few pics, and tried to keep our minds off of what was about to go down. Next thing we knew we were off.

About half a mile in I remarked to Jess that we had already lost Christine – but Christine had decided she was going to start slow (smooth move – you can read all about it in her recap). I’m totally doing that next time.

I really never felt great during this race. I’d talk to Jess for a bit – Scott would gesture for us to catch up to him – we’d go silent and just run.

I slowed around Mile 4 water stop, but caught back up to Jess and Scott. They were moving at a pretty good clip, and my confidence was slipping. It was humid, the clouds burned off and the sun was fully out. Between the humidity and the very high levels of tree pollen in the air, I couldn’t breathe.

I told Jess around Mile 5 that I was dropping back, to go ahead without me.

That’s when the mind games started. I knew I was holding a pace well enough to PR, but not get my ultimate goal (which you guys all know what that is by now so I’m not speaking about it).

I finished Mile 5 and 6 strong, and even Mile 7 considering the biggest hill on the course (100ish foot climb) exists between 6.5 and 7.5 miles.

But during Mile 6 and 7 I hyperventilated. I cried. I convinced myself that I was not going to finish this race.

I said it quite a few times. “What if you just quit?” “You can DNF, save your leg, save your knee, just stop running.”

You see, my knee was wigging out on all the up and down. I didn’t do any real good pre-race stretching and I spent hours walking around on Saturday.


I knew there was a medic around Mile 8ish, because we passed the ambulance around Mile 4. I stopped there and got some tape for my knee.

I had started the race with my knee strap on but it just wasn’t cutting it.

I then realized that I was being a complete fool for even thinking I was going to quit this race. There was nothing wrong with me other than a bitchy knee. I knew how to control it, and I did. I powered on and even managed to save my pace after the unplanned knee repair stop.

Then Mile 9 started. Also known as the mile with “that damn downhill”. You guys know I love running downhill, but this is ridiculous. You drop from 93 feet to 10 feet in about half a mile. It’s a steepy.

But I managed to really pick up my pace and have an awesome Mile 10.

Then another UPHILL. I talked about this last year too – some really evil person decided it was a good idea to put a long steady uphill in between Mile 10 and 11. It’s also on the Rock N Roll Providence course, almost at the same mileage, in case you’re planning on running that one.

I walked. I cursed. I cried. I ran (if you can call it that). Relief came in the form of another super but not so steep downhill. I looked at my Garmin though, and I knew if I could just stay strong a little while longer that I’d have a PR that I’ve been working for – FOR A YEAR!

Then suddenly I heard a voice from behind me.

IT WAS CHRISTINE! Oh she could not have come at a better time. I told her about my knee, and she was really rocking it – the slower start and steady pace really kept her strong.

We ran, and chatted. I warned her about the Team in Training signs in the park (all about people who have passed from cancer – so sad, but so inspirational – they make me cry. Last year I hyperventilated from crying).

We pushed each other almost to the end. We cursed out the fact that Mile 12 was DEFINITELY long and we couldn’t find “the damn sign.”

We saw (RI) Jess at the Whiskey Republic, cheering for us! That gave me another bit of energy!

Somewhere right before Mile 13 I dropped back from Christine. She told me if I lost her she’d cry (thank you for that, BTW – I didn’t want to make you cry) – so I made sure I stayed in sight, even if behind her.

The final stretch came and I somehow got the burst of energy I needed to power across the finish line.

Official Time: 2:10:10 – a 3 second PR.

This was, mentally, my hardest race ever.

I truly wanted to quit.

I wanted nothing more than to walk off the course and lay in the grass.

I had myself convinced that I was coming back to this computer to write to you guys about an extremely disappointing race.

Instead I came back with a PR.

I came back with a new respect for the training plan.

I came back PROUD of my friends for their amazing times – Jess and Scott with a 2:03:10 (a 2-ish minute PR) and Christine with a 2:09:44 (also a 2-3ish minute PR!).

I EVEN came back to the course and ran a mile or so with Coachy and Don when they came through on their way to finish the marathon.

As I reflect upon Sunday and write this post I’ve learned a lot. How to trust that my body will get me there – even if I wasn’t as trained as I would have liked to be.

Super props to Jess for removing the words “undertrained” from my race day speak. It was all I had to say for a while post-race. But she corrected me.

I learned that quitting is not the answer (unless, of course, you are actually doing more harm to your body – in that case, please quit. I knew I wasn’t harming myself. I was just pissed off and frustrated by the fact that sub-2 had slipped from my grasp yet again. On my 4th try.)

I learned that I am going to train my ASS off all of June and July and when the times comes in July and August to run my next two 13.1 races – I WILL own them, and I will get that sub-2. No questions asked. It helps that by then I’ll be running longer than 13 miles as I train for Chicago.

There ya have it folks. My extremely long winded, at times sad, at times educational, race report.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks to everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and Daily Mile for all of the congrats for my finish and PR. Your words mean more to me than I can ever describe.

And thank you to Coachy, Don, Jess, Scott, Christine, (RI) Jess, Martha, & Kevin for being there for me. I love you guys!



P.S. The pics in here were totally stolen (with permission) from Jess and Christine. Thanks girls!


Rock N Roll New Orleans: Race Recap

6 Mar

Some of you may already know how this story ends – some of you may not. Either way, it’s a great tale to tell. Sit tight and enjoy the ride! I’m only recapping the actual race right now, the rest of the weekend in another post!*******************************************************************

Sunday morning I rolled out of bed somewhere around 5:30 a.m. My first thought – why is it so early? I still managed to get up and get dressed – slowly but surely. Super Coachy delivered me a cup of coffee – he’s awesome and knows me well enough to know my caffeine addiction runs deep (so does his for that matter, probably why he was up gathering coffee so early in the morning…). While finishing up getting dressed and strategically applying Body Glide and Vaseline, I drank my coffee and ate my Luna Protein Bar and banana.

I met Coachy and our friend Tim and his girlfriend outside the hotel around 6:15. Again thinking, why so early? I didn’t realize it until race morning – the hotel was 2 blocks from the start!

It was a chilly 43 degrees at the start – since we were so close to the start, I went back to the hotel to use the bathroom one last time, no lines and much cleaner than any port-a-potty I’ve ever been in. Winking smile

We all made our way to our respective corrals around 6:50 a.m. While standing in my corral, I started looking around to see if I knew anyone else. Well, what do you know? I saw Heather, fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Running Skirts sales-rep, and all around super sweet girl.  I hung with her and her hubby while I munched on a package of Honey Stinger chews for extra fuel.  It was great finding them and having someone to chat with, since I was getting a pretty bad-ass case of the pre-race jitters.

What seemed like an eternity later – our corral finally got to start, at 7:20 a.m. It was really crowded and slow going at first but I managed to break free for a 9:52 Mile 1.

I knew that was too fast – my goal for this race was to start around a 10 pace, for 5-6 miles, pick it up in the middle if I was feeling it, for as long as I was feeling it.

I slowed it down but kept around my intended goal pace for the next few miles. I was feeling great and really enjoying the scenery down St. Charles Avenue – HUGE trees lined the road, as well as old homes and scenic buildings.

After turning around on St. Charles we headed back toward the French Quarter and Canal Street. I was starting to feel a little crummy – I was frustrated that we were still with the half marathoners because it was exhausting fighting crowds – crowds for water, crowds on the street, a LOT of people slower than me were in front of me, and walkers were taking up half the road (no offense to walkers, but PLEASE move over to the side and don’t take up the entire road!). I couldn’t wait for the split. I still managed to keep pace through all of this, but it was exhausting.

We hit the Half/Full split at Mile 12 – and all I could think was “Why the hell am I running the full? I really wish I was running the half right now, then I’d be almost done!”

That was also my slowest mile in the first half of the race.

I forced myself to snap out of that nonsense frame of mind immediately. I still felt tired and I was getting sore, but with 14 more miles to go I chugged on. I also popped a couple of Advil to help from getting too sore.

I reached the half in 2:11:41 – perfect for a sub 4:30 marathon, right? At this point 4:30 still felt within my reach – but it is a marathon. I knew I had a good cushion, but wasn’t sure how the rest of the race was going to go.

I slowed way down on Mile 15 – the only part of the race that I really felt a substantial gap in the water stops. I was getting hot and thirsty, and I needed fuel. I always get to a point during a long run or race that I can’t fuel any more without water.

Once I got to the water stop, I fueled up on a few Honey Stinger chews and allowed myself a longer than usual walk break. I literally just bit my chews in half and swallowed them with water like they were pills. I started fueling at almost every stop at this point, smaller portions, of course, but the water made it easier. I still had plenty of cushion for 4:30 at the end of that mile.  I also took the time to plug in my 2nd headphone – up until now I had been running with one headphone out, so I could pause my iPod and listen to the bands along the course as I went. But now I needed to focus.

Miles 17-19 were beautiful – we ran along Lakeshore Drive, overlooking Lake Pontchartrain. Since this was a really long out and back, I could see all the faster than me runners headed in the opposite direction. I occupied my brain by trying to spot Coachy along the course. While running down this out and back I was also bopping along to all of the awesome songs I had on my playlist (I’ll have to share with you – it was AWESOME). People look at you funny when you’re bopping your head and half dance-running while mouthing the words to the songs in your iPod during a marathon. I didn’t care, I was having fun.

FINALLY I spotted Coachy at Mile 19! Exciting because he  was around Mile 22 – and he started in Corral 5 – so I knew I was kicking some Marathon booty!

That gave me a serious surge of energy and I ran a 10:07 Mile 20 – SAY WHAT?! How did THAT happen?! More bopping, word mouthing, and dancing.

I slowed down again after that, and began to really get sore. My lower back and feet were hurting – and my thighs were chafing. I literally stopped at every single person handing out Vaseline on the course. I decided very last minute to wear shorts, which was a good decision for the temperature, bad decision for my thighs.

Mile 21, however, was not so pretty – at 11:52. I started to really slow at this point. I pushed myself as hard as I could – never giving in to walking, except through the water stops. It was hard to keep running, but I would not allow myself to walk. If I gave into walking other than water stops, I would not have been happy with myself, or proud of my race, and I knew this would be my best marathon to date no matter what, so I wanted to finish proud and with a giant smile on my face.

As I started to get close to Mile 23 I realized I wasn’t going to break 4:30. I knew at that point I could either give up and just finish the race comfortably, or I could push myself and finish the best I could.

I chose to push. I gave myself a Plan B race goal at that split moment. And by the way, doing math in your head 23 miles into a marathon is tough. Really tough. I knew that I could still break 4:45 and still have a killer PR if I just ran my butt off the best my legs and feet would carry me for the next 3 miles.

That decision gave me an 11:17 Mile 23 – which, given how my legs and feet felt, was pretty freakin fast.

I got my final big surge of energy when we entered the park area and I saw Mile 25. I ended up running an 11:06 mile 26! I was psyched that I was “this close” to finishing my 3rd Marathon.

Once I entered the finish chute all of those feelings of pain, soreness, tiredness, you name it, faded as though they had never existed and my legs just started flying. I ran a 9:55 pace to finish Marathon #3.

9:55 after 26 miles?

9:55 on sore, tired legs?

YES PLEASE I WILL TAKE IT! Open-mouthed smile

I was beyond thrilled when I crossed the finish line. And Coachy was waiting for me at the end! I was so glad to see him there when I crossed – I knew he’d be so proud of what I had just done!

Sure I didn’t make my original goal of a sub 4:30 race – but I was so close. I know I’ll get there in May.

But May doesn’t matter right now, this is what matters:



More than 48 hours later I am still riding high. That’s going to take a long time to go away. Winking smile

I leave you with this:

Rock N Roll New Orleans was a beautiful race. I would run that race again in a heartbeat. The entire course was beautiful, the spectators were fantastic, the weather was perfect. After the race we were entertained by a band called Flow Tribe – they were funky and soulful. Perfect post race music that was 100% what you would expect to hear when in New Orleans.

Sorry this post is so long! I’ll fill you in on the rest of the trip, along with pictures, another time!


Another PR! (A 20 Mile Training Run Recap)

5 Feb

Yesterday was another beautiful winter day here in Lil’ Rhody. I set out at 10 a.m. to run my longest training run for the Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon – 20 miles. Coachy instructed me to run the first 14 miles at 10:45 pace (Marathon pace plus one minute) and run the last 6 miles at 9:45 pace (Marathon Pace). But he also told me to listen to my body, and if I couldn’t run the last 6 at race pace to stick with the slower pace since the race is only 4 weeks away. There’s no time for injuries now!

This run was interesting.

During the first couple of miles I felt super nauseous – right before Mile 3 I figured out why. I’ll spare you the gory details, but let’s just say I’m glad there was a grocery store, with a public restroom.

Once that little emergency was over I felt great. I continued on my merry way – the plan was to run the first 14 miles as an out and back to my car, then 6 miles out and back the other way.

I hit 7 miles and was starting to feel a tad sore already. I got panicky, knowing I wasn’t even half way through the run. I stopped and stretched my calves and hips, since that’s what felt sore.

I really had to push myself to maintain pace through the next 7 miles. I allowed myself to walk (briskly) every 45 minutes – so I could eat my fuel, like a water stop in a race – then I would pick up the pace and throw in some striders to stretch the legs and get back on to my target pace. Those pace changes seemed to keep my legs from stiffening up (another lesson I learned from Coachy).

I finally hit Mile 14 after what seemed like an eternity – and stopped at my car. I refilled my water, stretched some more, texted my mom (I keep her posted on my progress while I’m out running, so she knows where I’m at, how long I’ll be, etc. Always have to have someone who knows what you’re doing when you’re out running long!). I also took some ibuprofen because my legs were killing me – and it was just a sore killing me, not an “I may be injured” kind of killing me.

At this point I had a couple of choices:

1) Try to run the remaining six miles at race pace.

2) Try to run the remaining six miles at race pace plus one minute.

3) Slow down and just finish the last 6 miles.

Well race pace wasn’t happening – I tried. My legs said no, so I said okay (again – too close to race day to risk it).

Slowing down wasn’t happening either – I had run the first 14 miles within my target pace range, I wasn’t about to give up now.

I continued on my not so merry way (It was even hard to maintain  a 10:45 pace by this point – but I knew that pushing that pace wasn’t dangerous and it’d make me stronger).

Here’s what I ended up with:

20 Mile PR Summary

Adrenaline is a crazy crazy thing – when I hit Mile 19 I said to myself “You’ve made it this far, only one mile to go, crank it up and GO!”

Awesome Mile 20

I changed the playlist on my iPod for the last 6 miles to a playlist I had made a couple weeks ago when I ran in the freezing cold – it was full of “pump you up” music. It worked! This is the second long run in a row that my last mile was my best mile.

I am so excited that this run went so well – My last 20 mile training run was finished in 3:42:11 – This run is a 10:23 PERSONAL RECORD. I averaged 11:06 per mile over my last 20 miler, this run was 10:35 per mile. I am beside myself with how much faster I’ve gotten since last summer!


Look out New Orleans – I’m coming for ya!


Tuesday Tempo

17 Jan

I’m so clever. Really I just love alliteration, and rhyming. I’m strange, I know, you can tell me.

Anyhoo so I’ve been MIA for 2 days right? I am having a problem with time management.

I’ll get it figured out though, don’t you worry!

In the meantime, tonight is a shorty, just to tell you all I’m still alive and haven’t dropped off of the face of the Earth.

I’m changing up my run schedule by adding another run, starting this week. I’m hoping this along with my long runs helps build the endurance I need to kick boo-tay in Nawlins. It’s all about endurance baby. I can run fast – my 5k PR is a 7:56 average pace. Not as fast as some, but WAY fast enough to blow a 4:30 marathon time out of the water (and a 2 hour half marathon) – if only I had the endurance. Hence, the run-schedule change up.

Out with the old:

Old Run Schedule

In with the new:

New Run Schedule

So, it’s not that different. But now I have 3 days of running back to back – with leg rest before my long run, and after a hard weekend. I’m hoping both the 3 days back to back, and the post-long run recovery, not only build strength, but endurance. Along with my long run of course.

I have no idea how this will workout – and of course I’ll pull back if I start to feel like things aren’t working out. I’ll sacrifice a weeknight run if my legs are particularly unhappy with me, because I know I can’t sacrifice the long run (Coachy will kick my ass!).

I hope this is my ticket to a sub 2-hour half and a sub-4:30 marathon. Wish me luck!


Monday Love: Run Edition

9 Jan

So it’s Monday. It’s the first full workweek for most of us in a while. We all need a little pick me up.

Well, what’s not to love about running, right? Especially when you had a week/weekend like I did!

1) Lets hear it for rundates! I can’t explain how excited I was when I tweeted last week looking for run dates, and Jessica responded that she had to do 12. I had 14 on tap, which isn’t too hard to finish after having a partner for 12, right?

We met Saturday morning at one of our local bike paths. It was already 50 degrees out at 10 a.m. – score one for Mother Nature in January!

We took off and just ran. I’m pretty sure neither of us paid too much attention to pace – we just ran comfortably. We talked about everything – blogging, FitFluential, kids, family, races, fueling, you name it.

Next thing I knew 12 miles had flown by. With two to go – Jess was awesome enough to stay with me and run the entire 14! It was so much fun to have a running partner – can’t wait to do it again!

The best part – we ran 14 miles with an overall 10:07 pace, and only stopped for a total of 4 minutes, and those were to cross roads. A couple of our intersections had some ridiculously long traffic lights.

2) Marathon #3 Training Update:

I’ve run two long runs in this training cycle so far and both have gone incredibly well. I have big confidence going forward.

Long Run #1: 12 miles. 1:57:34. 9:48 avg pace (A PR!)

Long Run #2: 14 miles. 2:21:49. 10:07 Avg pace. I’ve never run 14 miles as a training distance before. But when I ran 15 miles it was a 10:23 pace, so I’m counting this as a PR too.

3) Speaking of PR’s…I thought I had beat my weekly PR this week, with 38.65 miles, but I was wrong. 49.19 miles is the number to beat – which I set the last full week of August 2011, while training for the Air Force Marathon.

However, I haven’t run that far in a week since the Air Force Marathon. And I’m only just beginning RnR New Orleans training! I will break that PR this time around.

4) 6 miles after 14 miles is hard. But I’m so glad I did it. One thing I’ve never done is run my recovery run the very next day. It was hard to do, but my legs feel great right now. And they get today off!

I think I’m going to continue my long runs on Saturdays with a recovery run on Sunday, for as long as the weather and/or my schedule allow.

5) Something has clicked. I think I’ve had one of those “moments of clarity.” The paces I’m keeping for my long runs are like nothing I did while training for both of the other marathons I’ve run. Now I know I’m only on my 14 mile week, and I’m probably still riding a pretty good run high from a 20 mile weekend; however, something tells me this goodness doesn’t end when the runs get longer.

You know the drill – what are YOU loving on this Monday?!


2011 Races (Year in Review)

2 Jan

2011 was my first full calendar year as a runner.

It was the year I ran my first half-marathon.

It was the year I ran my first marathon.

It was the year I ran 15 total road races (Holy cow!). Today I’m going to recap the highlight races!

Charleston Half Marathon – January 15: My first half marathon. I wasn’t planning on running my first half until May, but Coachy talked me into it. And my friend Don volunteered to be a wicked awesome paysah (that’s pacer for those of you that don’t speak New Englandese). I set a goal to finish under 2:15 – I finished in 2:12:42.

CharlestonJan15-2011-Sam5Guinness Celtic 5k – March 13: I ran this race with my friend Paul, who volunteered to pace me. It was a simple out and back course that was flat as a pancake. This is the race where I destroyed my 2010 5k PR by 2 whole minutes (exactly). I finished in 25:37

Charlottesville Half Marathon – April 9: Coachy ran this with me, and then went on to finish running the full marathon. I wasn’t going for a PR in this race because I knew it was going to be hilly – 797 feet of elevation gain to be exact! It was fun running the whole time with Coachy, and he pushed me along when I started to get whiny.  I finished in 2:18:42 – I have this thing with finishing my races with the exact same seconds as other races, this is 6 minutes slower than the Charleston Half Marathon.

IMG_20110409_083900RI State Police 5k Foot Pursuit – April 17: My friend Jen’s first race ever. We ran a 33:38 – not bad for her first race, but of course she had been running for a while and used to be a sprinter.


Cox Rhode Races Half Marathon – May 1:  My one year race-iversary. I love this race series and will continue to run it as long as I live close enough! I had a great time running this race, and it is when I ran my current half marathon PR: 2:10:13.


Mad Marathon – July 10: My first marathon! This was a hard race, but a total blast. Coachy and I ran together and he pushed my butt along when I needed a push. If you want to read all about it you can: Recap Part 1, Race Report in Pictures, Race Report: The Race. We finished in 5:28:58. I finished my first marathon – yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!


Providence Rock N Roll Half Marathon – August 7: I was intent on PR’ing my half marathon time for this race. Then it rained…and rained…and rained some more. Needless to say it was miserable. I still finished, but ugh, not a fun race.  Finish time: 2:14:45

Air Force Marathon – September 17: My second marathon. I had only planned on running this marathon in 2011. We all know how that went. I finished and PR’ed this race, but I wasn’t happy with it. My hip gave out about Mile 16 and wouldn’t cooperate at all for the rest of the race. 5:22:08

USAF Collage2

Amica Half Marathon – October 16: Another hip killer. Perhaps too close to Dayton? I was really thinking I was going to break 2-hours for this one. I was on track for the first 8 miles – then the hip again. Dammit. I took the rest of October off after that, to refresh my legs and my attitude. 2:10:24 – 11 seconds off of my PR ARGH!

Downtown Jingle Bell 5k – December 4: My 3rd 5k PR in 2011 – and my favorite because I broke 25 minutes! Woohoo! 24:25 – Now I have some serious 5k work in 2012 to break that time!


It was a great race year – with two firsts and plenty of PR’s. 2012 will be even better.

Cheers friends!


Toughen Up Cupcake

22 Nov

I haven’t written much about my birthday, or turning 30, or any of that. I spent most of my birthday not doing much of anything, which was GREAT. I did go for a little run, and I did do some Ab-Ripper X, but other than that I spent most of the day chilling until I went out with a big group of my favorite people for some celebrating! 

The gang’s all here!
Friends since we were 14
Yes, she is wearing her MCM Jacket 😉
Me and Sara – always a great time when we’re together!
Obviously having fun…
Crazy fun… 😉

Then yesterday I did this:

Right? My thoughts exactly… They were mile repeats, so I did stop to catch my breath/heart beat/etc in between every mile. But this is my fastest 8-mile EVER. 

So anyway, what on earth does ANY of this have to do with the title of my post? It has EVERYTHING to do with it. You see, I have goals, hopes, dreams, ideas, thoughts, etc… Roughly 30 of them to be exact.

But I’m not going to tell you what they are. I know I know… Okay, I lied, I am going to tell you one of them.

BE TOUGHER ON MYSELF. Yes, be tougher on myself. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, I work hard already. I do work hard. But, I know I can do better. As you can see it started yesterday. Coachy told me to go out and run 6 one-mile intervals between 8-8:30 mm to prepare myself for my 5k on Turkey Day. I wanted to quit after 4, it was hard, my legs were sore, I was tired. But, I wasn’t about to let me or Coachy down. And I know it’s beneficial to other future goals. The way I felt after that run is the way you should feel after any hard run – speedwork, long runs, etc… starving and spent. And today – sore as hell.

So, the moral of this very blabby story is this:

I have to set goals and stick to them. 

I have to do what I say I am going to do. 

Talk is cheap. Action is everything. I can’t get faster or stronger without working harder (and oh boy are my legs feeling it).

It’s not just fitness, but personal too. Lots to do in this 30th year and I plan on doing it all and making it a great one. Expect to hear LOTS more on this as I accomplish these goals – because I’d rather brag that I did it, than say I’m going to do it then have to report back that I didn’t.


P.S. Have you signed up for the 30 for 60 Challenge yet? We’ve got about 30 people involved already with 9 days left until it starts. This is going to be a FANTASTIC holiday challenge.  I’m so excited to kick it off! 

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