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Sweat to Street Sunday: Accessory Edition

10 Jun
Welcome to Sweat to Street Sunday’s!

Each week my fabulously fit co-hosts and I will link up with one everyday outfit AND one fitness outfit that we love!

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Sweat to Street has been created as a place to link up your favorite outfits of the week as a new Sunday blog feature. The idea is to have some fun and change it up! Each week we encourage you to post one workout outfit and one outfit you wore that isn’t fitness related.

Every week we spotlight one awesome blogger who links up with us in the previous week! Our way of thanking you for sharing your fabulous/fun/fitness style!

This week’s featured blogger: Sarah from Sarah Learns

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We are so excited to see all the fashions that are shared each week!

I can’t wait to see your fashions for the week!

I realize I haven’t even written one of these posts in a couple of weeks! And that I continue to forget to take pictures of my outfits, so today I bring you the accessory edition:


Most of the jewelry I own is from Silpada Designs. All of their stuff is sterling silver, and is just gorgeous.

 Necklace Tree

I have to dress up for work every day, so it only makes sense that I own enough jewelry to go with every outfit. Most of these necklaces are Silpada, with a few from Kohl’s thrown in there…

And no dress outfit is complete without earrings to match!


I know they’re a total mess, and I am always digging around through this pile to try to find a matching pair! Maybe someday I’ll actually take the time to organize this…

And then there are rings, which I feel totally naked if I’m not wearing one:


The big blue stone and the sterling hammered metal ring are both from Silpada – and I wear the hammered metal one the most, on an almost daily basis. The middle ring is from a store in New Mexico. I call it my Lucky Charms ring – something about the colors and shapes make me think of Lucky Charms!

And of course no street outfit is complete without my lifeblood purse. I carry everything in this bag so it’s rare that I go anywhere without it.



I have a lot of (curly, sometimes very frizzy) hair so when it comes to sweat I always need bobby pins, hair elastics, and Sparkly Soul headbands! These headbands are great – you know how much I love them!

Sparkly Soul Headbands2012-01-25_07-46-55_31

Not just for sweat – I wear them to work too!

No matter how hard I try, this is one accessory I just can’t seem to run without:

No Garmin.jpg

Yup, me and my Garmin. I try to run without it from time to time but it just feels weird and unnatural.

My go to, can’t live without running sunglasses – Athena by Nike:

Nike Athena Sunglasses

These are, without a doubt, the best running sunglasses I’ve ever owned. And they’ve held up over a year to my abuse (I’m not very good with sunglasses, I typically buy them at Target because I tend to just throw them in my purse, or wherever.

And lately, any run that’s double digits has required these:

Zensah Sleeves

I love my Zensah calf sleeves! I ran RnR New Orleans in them and I swear they made a huge difference!

And there you have it, another edition of Sweat to Street Sunday! Show us what you’ve got this week!



Five for Friday: Run-dition

27 Apr

Happy Friday! I’m blogging at 10 at night…why you ask? Because I love you guys, and because my nails and toenails are drying. I’m going out with a girlfriend tomorrow night and I have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday, so I just had to look beauteous! Winking smile

This Five for Friday is brought to you by (of all things, haha) RUNNING!

1) Running on tired legs is rough. As this beautiful friend of mine brought up in her post today, running on tired legs takes a run from YAY to MEH in a heartbeat. I experienced that feeling this morning as I dragged myself through 4 miles of legs that didn’t want to move.

2) I am a minute faster. Because I’m overly obsessed with numbers (I was going to be an accountant at one point in my life) I compared todays run with the same day last year. I found that last year I ran 5 miles at a 10:36 pace. Today I ran 4 miles at a 9:45 pace. Woot woot! Both of them “recovery” type runs while training for the Cox Rhode Races Half Marathon.

3) Upper body & core strength make for a good run. Even though my legs didn’t want to go this morning, the rest of my body felt very strong. With two weekly upper body/ab sessions and one weekly yoga session, I can feel the difference in every single run. It’s been key in rebuilding my endurance. Plus I always feel so refreshed, centered, and balanced after yoga.

4) A 4:30 a.m. alarm on Friday morning is dreadful. But once I got my butt up and out the door to run those 4 miles, it was amazing. I clicked my Garmin on at 5:07 this morning. Nothing but me, the wind in the trees, and the birds chirping. The occasional car – but I’d say I saw no more than 6 total cars. And there’s something to be said about having your workout done before 6 a.m. (And I do run alone – with mace and a cell phone – you can never be too safe).

5)  8 Days til Cox Rhode Races. I once again meet the Cox Rhode Races half marathon course. This race is my PR race – I haven’t been able to PR the half marathon distance in a year. I actually have myself convinced that half marathons hate me. From the awful rain at Rock N Roll Providence last year, to my hip giving out at the Amica Half in Newport, to severe stomach problems at the Half at the Hamptons – me and 13.1 aren’t friends. Next Sunday, while I run next to Jess, Scott, Christine, and possibly Amy, I am going to stare down that 13.1 and own it. Even if I don’t PR – It WILL be an amazing race. I just know it.

I hope everyone had an awesome Friday! I’m off to bed. I plan on spending all of tomorrow (until my girls night out of course) studying my head off! And enjoying every second of this weeks rest day!

Goodnight! XOXO


A Tale of Two Runs

22 Apr

Can you believe it’s Sunday night already? Where does the time go?

This weekend proved to be interesting in the run department. As I mentioned on Thursday I had a 10 miler planned for this weekend.  And I mentioned I had a secret plan for 6 of those miles, right?

The 10 miler did happen, the plans for the 6 miles did not. So apparently I just need to keep my mouth shut completely and not even hint at my plans, so that I don’t jinx myself? I’ll try that next time.

Yesterday was my planned long run day – 2 mile warm up, 6 miles at half marathon pace (hopefully 9 minute miles), 2 mile cool down.

I ran my two miles, then kicked up the pace, but it didn’t feel right. My legs were feeling tired, my breathing was off, but I continued to push. I stopped and stretched.  I pushed my butt off, up and down hills, it felt bad. I was sore, but not in the injured sense, just sore. And then all at once, I felt it – my face was on fire, and I was more than halfway through my big Nathan handheld bottle already. It was only 61 degrees when I started but the humidity was soaring at 87% – well that’s something I’m not used to.  It was 70 by the time I was done, the sun was blazing, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

I was also wearing a hat. I do this every spring/summer. I figure – I’ll throw on a hat and protect my hairline/scalp from sunburn. Then I overheat. And I vow to only wear either a real running hat or a visor for the rest of the summer.

So, overheating combined with legs that just wanted to stop moving made me stop my run at 5.25 miles.

5.25 Miles – 50:54 (1:03:16 including all the breaks I had to take for shade, stretching, and breathing issues). That’s a 9:42 pace, I’ll definitely take that for a run I thought was really crummy. At least it was a pretty day.


So that’s Run #1 – I left that run with the idea in my head that “Tomorrow’s another day, try again then.” Not realizing if I actually made the 10 that would be more miles in two days than I’ve run in weeks.

Onto Run #2 – I got up nice and early again today (no sleeping in this weekend, I must really love to run…). 10 miles on the agenda, and I wasn’t letting anything stop me. I got up, I fueled, I paid my bills while the food settled (perfect way to make the best use of “food settling time”), then got dressed and drove to the bike path. 

I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was really going to be able to do it or not. The first couple of miles I still felt a little stiff/dead legged, but luckily this time they loosened up. The weather was also on my side – a cool, breezy, overcast 60, with the occasional sprinkle.

Well, I did it!

Post Injury 10

Highlights from this run:

  • Stops were limited – once to stretch, once to talk to a nice old man and his dog (He says he could see me in my bright leggings {aka Zensah sleeves} from a mile away), once at the car for more Nuun and a Hammer Gel (I figured I’d take it just be on the safe side), and then for a couple of road crossings. I like it when I can run my long runs with minimal stopping because who stops during a race, unless it’s some sort of emergency, right?
  • There was NO walking. I slowed WAY DOWN in the last two miles (my legs were done by then) but I didn’t walk at all. I’m pleased considering this is my first double digit post-injury run.
  • “We are Young” by Fun is a kick ass running song. See Mile 5 and Mile 6? The song came on while I was in Mile 5, but then I stopped at my car. I restarted the song and ran most of Mile 6. My friend Don says “The song’s beat is slightly faster than 90 beats per minute, which would translate into 180-190 steps per minute. That’s the theorized optimal foot turnover for running.” Well that explains it. I felt great running to this song – I need more songs in that range, my legs felt natural and continued to pick up the pace as I moved along.
  • I only used my Garmin for distance. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to break any land speed records today, so I started my Garmin and then flipped it back to regular watch mode, so I couldn’t watch my pace. I am beyond pleased that my “not watching” pace is right around 10. That means when I get back into really running again, I’ll be able to kick my own butt and really pick up the pace.
  • I set some mega post-injury personal records today:
    • First post-injury double digit run.
    • First post-injury back to back days running.
    • Highest post-injury weekly mileage (19 miles)

Right now I’m swaddled in compression, iced until I was numb, and had some wine and Advil. I’ll let you know how I feel in the morning HAHA.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Kreativ Blogger Award

21 Apr

Good morning! I’m sitting sipping my coffee and getting ready to chow down some breakfast pre-10 miler. The lovely Heather from Where’s the Beach nominated me for this award. Of all the blogs out there, I was one of her choices, thank you SO MUCH! Smile 


The premise behind this is to share 7 things about me, then pick other bloggers to share their 7 things. Well we all know I like to talk about myself, so here goes!

1) I am a very messy person, but only in hidden areas like closets, cabinets, my bedroom, etc. Otherwise, I’m a neat/clean freak.

2) I have a pretty large collection of shot glasses – which is funny because I can’t really do shots. Hard alcohol forced at an alarming rate of speed into my body does not go over well.

3) I get nervous before every single race. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done it, or how prepared I am, or the distance, the nerves kick into high gear and I have to channel that nervous energy or I’ll freak myself out completely.

4) I love going to casinos – but I don’t gamble (unless it’s bingo). I love going for the restaurants, shops, drinks, and of course people watching.

5) I am a hard core friend defender. I get so fired up if someone insults a friend, or does something else. Like, livid…I can’t even stand it. But if someone insults me, I’m the first person to write it off as “Oh, it’s no big deal, they’re just insecure or being an a-hole.” Hmm…

6) I would really love to live in Chicago some day – but I don’t know if that’ll ever happen because I can’t stand being away from the ocean. I lived in Iowa for a year, and just about died (drama much?) because I couldn’t go to the beach for an entire summer. (And, sorry Chicagoans, but Lake Michigan is not “the beach” to this East Coast Girl – if it ain’t salt water, it ain’t the beach).

7) The idea of running without my Garmin stresses me out, but I want to embrace it too (for easy runs, fun runs, etc. not runs where I have goal paces, intervals, etc.) Any advice for overcoming this would be much appreciated!

Now, I have to nominate a few people to do this. It’s so hard to choose when there are so many people in blog land that I’d like to know more about! I say:

Christine – These Happy Miles

Andrea – The MF Dre

Heather – Running with Sass

Charlotte – Wild Things Run Free

There, that’s a good list – all awesome blogs and people who are different from me and each other!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my little world, now I must get dressed and get ready for my first double digit run since New Orleans!

Tell me: do we have anything in common? Advice for running Garmin-less and NOT stressing? Who would you nominate for this award? Too many questions for 7:30 on a Saturday morning?



Weird, Wild, Wacky Wednesday

4 Apr

What a day! I have all sorts of randomness for you today.

First, I ran “naked” yesterday, on the urging of this awesome runner and even awesomer friend. I’m just coming back from injury, time and distance should be the last thing on my mind right? I did a small loop from my house that equals about 2.3 miles in about 24 minutes – but I didn’t even care about that. I know the loop well and I know it presents a decent challenge (starting uphill, BIG downhill for almost an entire mile, then rolling back up and down hill to home). I ran, I walked (side stitch from guzzling water on my drive home, less than half hour before my run), I ran some more, stopped and took a picture, ran, walked again (holy huge uphill – I’ve lost a little fitness, and the pollen count is ridiculous), and then finished strong right to the end of my driveway. It felt so nice to just run.


Speaking of running naked, I agreed to do something totally crazy. I am going to run the Cox Half WITHOUT my Garmin. Jess dared (yes dared) me to do so. I am running with her and the hubs (have I told you guys this enough yet? have I mentioned how much I love running with others and to run with THEM? Awesome, something I’ve been wanting to do for MONTHS. I. am. super. stoked.). Jess and Scott both don’t run with Garmins, they run by feel. I am just going to put one foot in front of the other and enjoy this race with my friends, without a worry about time. Again, I’m coming off of injury and this may (will) be the only time I’ll have the opportunity to just run a race for the fun of it, no time pressure or anything. Just me, my friends, gorgeous scenery, and a fun race.

Then I was going to run tonight but decided not to, and I’m glad I did. Physical therapy, a run, and leg weights (all within 24 hours) have left my legs feel pretty darn fatigued – and I have physical therapy again tomorrow!

I haven’t told you guys about physical therapy yet have I? I’ll dedicate an entire post to it, likely tomorrow, so I can tell you everything. This super blabby random post is already getting long!

But I do have to tell you guys, a really weird thing happened at work today – last week the boss asked for a list of exactly what I do, how long it takes, and what’s considered clerical (if you don’t know, I’m an office manager at a construction company – but I am also the receptionist – since they laid her off a couple years ago). Not ideal, but I get paid well, with great benefits. So anyway, today I got called upstairs and informed that there’s probably going to be some re-arranging going on, receptionist hiring, etc. and that I may end up in another position, if I want it. It’s a better position, one that actually requires brain work, and no phone answering (MEGA Bonus).

This falls hand in hand with an apartment my mom found for me in Providence – wicked good rent, including all utilities, in a nice area walking distance to tons of stores, shops, Whole Foods, bars, etc. And two miles from where my bro is moving.

Soooooooooooo what does that all mean? I have no idea, honestly. Remember, everything happens for a reason. I’m going to hold off on the job search for a bit while I finish the NASM Certification, and see where this all brings me – who knows, something really butt kicking could happen at anytime.

And finally, I made some really yummy zucchini burgers for dinner. Just like the ones they have at Ruby Tuesday (if you’ve ever had those). They were delish! Recipe to follow – soon. For now, here’s a tease:

Zucchini Burger

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! I have yoga tomorrow and then Friday is my glorious (and long awaited) rest day, that I’m going to spend with three of my favorite people in the world eating dinner and bowling!


I Wasn’t Careful

2 Apr

Yesterday, I ran. I didn’t know what to expect yesterday morning, so I threw on my capris, a tank, a hoodie, some old sneaks, and headed out to the driveway to start my car so I could go spend an hour with  my old friend Mr. No Armed Elliptical Trainer (my hip was sore).

Suddenly I had this wild idea to run around the driveway.

And you know what?


So I did what anyone would do – I ran back in the house (literally), bounded up the stairs (again, literally) and announced to the world (or my stepdad and dogs, since they were the only ones home) that I could use stairs like a normal person and I was going for a run!

I changed into shorts, strapped on my new sexy patellar strap, calf sleeves, and good running shoes, and away I went.

I didn’t know what to expect, but this blew my mind:

Post Injury 4

Yeah. I did that. During right before hitting Mile 2, I looked down at Mr. Garmin and he was flashing 8:50 at me, and I couldn’t even tell! I did slow up because I was headed up hill, about the only caution I exercised through this entire run.

As I headed back down said hill, I took a peek at Mr. Garmin again and he was proudly proclaiming that I was running at a 7:35 pace! WOWEEEEEEEEE!!!! Now granted I was going downhill, but STILL, amazing.

I struggled to continue my sub-9 pace through the end of mile 3 – but only in the breathing department, my legs still felt so strong! I need to rebuild some of my endurance. So, I figured two super speedy miles was enough for one day, I slowed up to cool down.

Now don’t worry, I’m not about to get all crazy runner girl on you guys again – yet. My knee and hip are sore today – but not painful. I iced, I foam rolled, I popped Advil like candy and washed it down with wine. (I did read the bottle to see just how many Advil you can take in one day – only 6…shucks).

Tomorrow I attend my first physical therapy session, I let you guys know how it goes! Oh and here’s my new long run schedule to prove I’m not going to go completely crazy (I really do plan on sticking to this, injuries suck!):


And now in other news, I went to Whole Foods again.

Oh. yeah. I have to, you see, because I can’t find non-dairy yogurt (other than coconut and I’m not a fan of the saturated fats found in coconut yogurt) in the regular grocery story.


I’m proud of myself. This time it was on rice yogurt, almond yogurt, bananas, tomatillos, and chicken bratwurst (which BTW with sauerkraut and mustard tastes exactly like it’s porky counterpart, minus about 17 shit tons of fat).

And So Delicious French Vanilla flavored coconut milk coffee creamer – wow, say that 10x fast (go ahead, I dare ya). FINALLY I think I’ve solved my coffee creamer dilemma – and get this, it’s fat free! Both my brother and I are completely befuddled by that, but I’m not going to question it!

Did you do anything crazy this weekend? Throw caution to the wind? Buy cool stuff at Whole Foods (or anywhere else)? Let me know!


Guest Post: Race Day Packing List

1 Mar

While I’m putting the finishing touches on my packing for my trip to New Orleans, Carissa from Fit2Flex has written a fantastic post on Race Day Packing – perfect timing if you ask me!

I first “met” Carissa and Kyle when they sent me the cutest Foodie Penpals package back in November – complete with Rudolph Chapstick and a pink bow (they know me!). Check out their blog when you get a chance!!!!


Hello Running & Cupcakes readers! Nice to meet ya! My name is Carissa and my husband and I blog at Fit2Flex.  Well, I blog…he consults! We are both certified personal trainers with a passion for healthy, active living and clean eating.  I am also a race announcer, runner, and studying to become a registered dietitian.  Stop on by our blog for workouts, meal plans, fit tips, and recipes.

Carissa & Kyle

Note from Samantha – I’ll ignore the fact that Carissa and Kyle are Cowboy’s fans …

I am happy to have a chance to share some of my running tips while Samantha is kicking some marathon butt! I personally have completed 1 full marathon and 5 (6 in March) half marathons. I’m no speed demon, but I enjoy the personal sense of accomplishment, the endorphins, and the post-race cheat meal!

Picture 2mail-7

There’s so much that goes into getting ready to race. Training, nutrition, more training, foam rolling, etc.… But can you imagine if all that goes to waste because you forgot to bring an essential item with you on race day? Eek!

Today’s post will give you a “RACE DAY PACKING LIST” you can refer back to in the future to make sure you are always ready to race your best.

Picture 3
Pin It

One very important thing to do is to run a long run in EXACTLY what you plan on wearing on race day. Everything from your socks to your underwear, shirt, sports bra, sunglasses, headband…wear it all! This is huge! Sometimes certain clothes just don’t work for longer runs. Your heels might blister or that shirt might rub under your arms. Figure it out now and that way it won’t stress you out 11 miles in on race day!

The same goes with food. Pack a food that is non-perishable and that you’ve eaten before a run previously. (I have a whole post on calculating pre/post race needs you can check out here). I like whole-wheat bagels with PB or Kashi cereal using an aseptic almond milk. Tortillas also travel well and don’t take up a lot of space, and oatmeal can be made in a hotel coffee pot.


In terms of medicines like Advil or decongestants, I would be sure to pack them along with any prescription medications. However don’t take the medicine before the race. Certain medicines will affect your sodium levels and can increase your heart rate.

Also pack more than you need! Weathermen can be wrong! I always pack my “ideal race outfit” as well as a warmer and cooler option.

I find it’s also helpful to actually print out all the information from the race website. Registration directions, packet pick up info, start line directions, course map, and the spectator guide. You will be surprised how many times you reference these things.

Finally, lay out all your clothes the night before. Double check that it’s all there and ready to go. Charge any iPods or Garmins and visualize your success. See in your mind yourself having a great race and you will be “mentally packed” to compete!


Remember to have fun! Nobody can predict what happens on race day…good or bad. But you only have 1 chance! Remember all your training and the work you put in. THIS IS YOUR DAY! Come rain or shine make sure you cross that line proud of yourself!

I can’t wait to hear about how Samantha rocked New Orleans!

Love and preparation,

Carissa & Kyle

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