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Project 10: Week 2

22 Jun

Normally these posts happen on Wednesday, but I’m a little off kilter this week.

Last week I asked all of you for your tips, tricks, etc. with regard to other family member’s eating habits, avoiding overindulgence, and fitting in workouts.

I got some great responses, and here is a compilation of all of them – I hope you find this useful!

How do you deal with the eating habits of others in your household – husbands, children, etc.?

Jess said: “If I need to, I’ll make myself something different for the main protein at dinner from what Scott is having if I’m looking for a lighter meal or just want something different than him. Like fish for me, grilled chicken for him, stuff like that.”

Robin said: “I cook for myself and my family has gotten used to it. My husband and kids still get to eat fun food when we go out to eat but at home, we only eat things that I allow myself to eat. This has enabled my kids to learn to love foods that most kids won’t touch.”

Sarah said: “I don’t cook us separate meals, but I do like to prep things I like and then freeze leftovers, so that if he wants to get pizza one night and I don’t want to eat it, I can pull something from the freezer. that REALLY helps me!”

Meredith said: “One thing that really worked for me temporarily was putting the “temptation” food items in a different spot of the kitchen. Taking it out of it’s normal place will make you think twice before going to reach for it. That moment is sometimes all we need to re-think our choice.”

Rachael said: “I live alone so this is really only a problem for me when I visit my parents. When I’m there I typically bring some of my own foods (protein powder, nutritional yeast, etc) with me and suggest healthier options or veggie restaurants I love.”

How do you avoid overindulging?

Jess said: “I’ve learned to “plan” for indulgences (wine, a really good homemade chocolate chip cookie or our homemade pizza) by eating lighter during the day to make sure I have room in my calorie “budget” to enjoy that indulgence.”

Robin said: “I allow myself to indulge in small treats in order to feed my craving but stay on track. This may sometimes include finding a healthier alternative to my old favorite foods but I usually can find something that will take care of that craving. I also use my food scale a lot in order to avoid overindulging on snacks like pretzels and chips. I measure out a portion and shut the bug.”

Sarah said: “Overindulging happens to all of us – but I allow myself small treats, and if I know I’m going to have pizza (as an example), then I make sure my other meals are as healthy as possible. Yesterday we got both pizza and ice cream at work, but I had a green juice for dinner.”

Rachael said:  “I use the water before, during and after a meal trick too – which has been helping a bit. I also put all my snacks into individual serving size baggies as soon as I get home from the grocery store so I know exactly how much one serving is.”

How do you fit workouts in with ________ (fill in the blank: kids, husbands, long hours, long commutes, etc.).

Jess said: “I get up early in the morning to make the best use of all the hours of my day. I sometimes do a morning workout and a PM workout if needed.”

Robin said: “While I was working, I woke up incredibly early in order to get my workouts in, sometimes 3:30 in the morning. It seems like it is too early, especially now, but your body gets used to it as long as you are going to bed at a decent time.”

Rachael said: “I’ve started going to the gym in the AM to get my cardio/running in because I just don’t have much time in the afternoon anymore. I also try to fit in as much activity/exercise as I can on the weekends.”

I want to thank all of you ladies for your amazing input. Don’t forget to check out last week’s Project 10 post for all of my tips and tricks and stay tuned for more from the Project 10 camp soon!




(Re) Learning How to Eat

12 Apr

When did my life get so hectic that I cannot make the time to eat properly? Lately I’ve found myself going the easy route – afternoon snack consists of a granola bar, breakfast is a bagel from Dunkin Donuts and a large coffee with cream (hello, that’s dairy! duh!), dinner a soup or salad and sandwich from Panera (if there’s nothing else planned – and lets not talk about their chips).

Granted this is probably only 25% of my eating habits, but there’s also another damn near 25% that consists of sweets. Chocolate, biscotti, gummy bears, you name it, if it’s sweet it’s in my mouth.

After gorging myself on frosting and Easter candy this weekend I was disgusted.

I thought about counting calories (I’ve tried that a few times, and failed. I failed at Weight Watchers too – I hate tracking stuff).

I thought about just weaning myself off of the sweets.

Then I thought – I’ve been working my abs (hard) for the past 5 weeks and have seen no difference. I feel a difference, I’m definitely getting stronger. But a 6-pack is no good if it’s inaccessible because it’s covered in a fatty layer. (And no I’m not saying I’m fat – but my belly does jiggle, and I dislike that. A LOT.)

Then I read Carissa’s post about how she’s eating clean to get ready for her upcoming vaca. And it dawned on me.

DING DING DING You win! Your abs are hiding because you’re NOT EATING RIGHT.

Well duh.

Yesterday I picked this up:

Clean Eating Mag

I haven’t looked through the entire thing, but so far I like what I see. Today I started my transformation.

I am not dieting.

I am not following the Clean Eating Plan to a T.

I am adjusting back to ways of fueling my body for health, for wellness, for my workouts, and for my hidden abs.

I plan on discussing all of the aspects of clean eating and why I don’t want to follow it to a T (other than the fact that me and strict plans DO NOT get along).

I did well today – I am proud, considering I had zero preparation. I decided when I went to bed last night that today would be the day.

I started my day with coffee (of course) with a little bit of Hazelnut Coffeemate (bad – but I ran out of coconut milk creamer and it was my only non-dairy option in the house).

I also drank a 16 oz. glass of lemon water – post coffee, pre breakfast.

Lemon Water

Breakfast consisted of oatmeal drizzled with agave nectar and mixed with peanut butter, with one slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter, and a glass of orange juice. Unpictured because my phone sucks and didn’t save the picture.

Mid morning snack:


Lunch was an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat (95% good – there was mayo) with mini-triscuits and a mini V8.

Afternoon snack:

IMG_20120412_153005Granny Smith

After yoga I had a banana. Then I made my rendition of the Panera Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich instead of stopping at Panera and just buying it. It helps that my bro prepped all the veggies for me! I had that with a side of Tostito’s heated up with a little salsa and a little cheese on them.

I’m still working on cutting out dairy. I know I need to, it’s just HARD.

So, what do you think? I am very pleased with how I did for my first day, considering I was entirely unprepared and just threw together whatever I could find around the house.

Edited to add: I am NOT giving up the foods I love (chocolate, cupcakes, cookies, etc.) – but I am re-learning moderation and self control!

Do any of you follow “clean eating” or any other type of “diet” plan? What would you do different? Enlighten me!


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