A Perfect Run

14 Jun

Tonight, rather than set a number in my mind and run for it, I set a destination. I told myself I’d run to the reservoir and back. I’ve run this route a few times before and I knew I was in for a hill challenge.

I wasn’t really feeling like any kind of push tonight – just an easygoing fun run. I threw on my headphones, started up Pandora, and away I went.

I think I looked at my Garmin maybe 4 times. If that. I let myself get lost in the music and in the feeling of running without exertion.

Running without exertion.

That’s something even a year ago I didn’t feel comfortable saying. But tonight was different.

Tonight I felt on.

Tonight I felt like I could’ve run forever (if only I had water and fuel…and my fave running partner).

Tonight reminded me of why I run. It’s not just for the PR’s and medals (although, those are pretty sweet), but it’s for *that* feeling.

It’s not about speed or distance but just living in the run, loving the run, and taking it all in.


Every last breathtaking bit of beauty.

Have you had a run or workout like this lately?



Playlist Thursday: Inspiration

14 Jun

I have to thank Pavement Runner again for introducing me to this weekly series of his – being the giant music lover that I am, I’m having loads of fun with this!

How it works (again, in case you forgot!):

Three songs, one post:

Something Old: These will be songs that are at least 5 years old. I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.
Something Current: These will be songs that have been released within the past year. I know, but you have to give me some leeway here.
Something to Consider: These will be songs that are not typically heard on the radio and may be by artists you’ve never heard of or considered running to. This is the wild card category, can be old or current.

This weeks theme: Inspiration. What songs inspire you with fantastic lyrics? Get you moving during a long day, a hard workout, a tough spot in race?

Here are mine for the week!

Something Old:

Artist: Rush

Song: One Little Victory (Especially this version, I hit play on YouTube and got insta-goosebumps)

This song isn’t that old as far as Rush music goes – it’s off of Vapor Trails, which came out in 2002. One reason I love this band so much is because they are so good at progressing their sound with the times.

Fave Quote: “Celebrate the moment, As it turns into one more, Another chance at victory, Another chance to score.” (Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?)

Something Current:

Artist: Gym Class Heroes

Song: The Fighter

This came on during mile 4 of my 7 mile run the other day. The final three miles of this 7 mile run are the hardest miles in this particular loop, lots of up, very little down/flat. I just ran my heart out while covered in goosebumps – it was truly an incredible feeling.

Fave Quote: “Give em hell, turn their heads, Gonna live life til we’re dead., Give me scars, give me pain.”

Something to Consider:

Artist: Dropkick Murphy’s

Song: Tessie (The Live on Landsdowne version is way better – again I may be biased – but I couldn’t find video)

Maybe it’s the giant Boston Red Sox fan living inside of me that finds this song inspirational, but it’s a great pick-you-up song no matter what!

Fave Quote: “We’re not here to mess around”

What songs inspire you?


Project 10: Week 1

13 Jun

So during my first week as the official Fitness Advisor (that’s what they’re calling me! I like it!) for the Project 10 ladies we’ve had lots of discussions.

This is a call to my readers, I want your help – help me answer these ladies questions, I’ve done my best, but would love some insight from the rest of you.

1) How do you deal with the eating habits of others in your household – husbands, children, etc.?

I am not always incredibly good at this one. Example, my mother brought home mini-Mounds bars tonight. So I had 2.

A few of the ladies struggle with their husbands eating habits and others clean their kids plates.

How do you stay on track?

2) How do you avoid overindulging?

My favorite tip here is drink a glass of water before and after your meal.

Once upon a time I followed Weight Watchers, and my points allowance was so low because I only had about 10 pounds to lose, so I “shrunk” my stomach.

I don’t know the exact science behind this, so don’t take my tips on this as professional (plus I’m not a nutrition expert), but the less you eat, the less your stomach gets used to, the less you end up eating. Easier said than done, I know, but within a couple of weeks you get used to it.

Eat 4-6 small meals a day as well – I typically have 5 meals a day, all small, that leave me satisfied but not stuffed.

3) How do you fit workouts in with ________ (fill in the blank: kids, husbands, long hours, long commutes, etc.).

Make a schedule and stick to it! Even if you have to make a weekly schedule because things change.

I know things may still change, but if you have a workout scheduled for the day, give it everything you’ve got to make sure you don’t miss that workout.

I use Daily Mile to track my workouts and I really enjoy seeing all the little bars filled in on days I know I should have worked out – it makes me feel successful.

4) What are your favorite at home, minimal to no equipment, workouts?

I have at least three posts that I could recall on this:

Work that Upper Body

Work those Legs (Wow, creativity with the titles huh?)

Blast that Belly (Okay I really need new names for my workouts…)

Friends and readers – here’s your chance to help me help these ladies! Fill up my comments with answers to any and/or all of these questions and I’ll pass all of your fabulous advice on to the Project 10 gals!


Under Construction…

12 Jun

That’s right. Running and Cupcakes is going under construction.

None of this will affect what you are reading; however, you will begin to notice some changes.

First change is – I’m going self hosted! I’ve taken almost all the necessary steps to become self hosted – the only thing left is figuring out the technicalities of moving my blog onto my new host. Hopefully that will be taking place by this weekend – if at any point you come across anything on my site that’s not functioning as it should I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know! I’m doing this myself, so hopefully I don’t break it!

Next up – take a look up. Yup, up there where it says, Home, About Me, blah blah blah, PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICES. I am now offering online 4 or 8 week custom personal training programs! Take a peek at my page and if you are in need of a trainer, or just a little switch in your routine, give me a shout. I am also offering private sessions to locals, so if you or anyone you know would be interested in that contact me.

I’ll let you know the name of my business later in the week, but I haven’t even told Kevin yet (since he’s away and a business name is better presented in person when possible right?), so as soon as he knows and my parents know, then I’ll tell everyone else!

In the next few days I’ll also be making that page easier to navigate in terms of contacting me with easy on the web forms you can fill out, so please bear with me while I get that set up.

And finally, with any luck soon you’ll be seeing this on my blog in the near future:

Blog Her Banner

Today I applied to be a member of the BlogHer Publishing Network! Keep your fingers crossed for as it would be an honor to be a member of this community!

As you can see I’ve been very hard at work over here. I’m really loving all of these great things I’m accomplishing lately. I’m honestly exhausted but on Cloud 9 at the same  time because I know the day will come when all of this work will have paid itself off tenfold, in my success, my client’s success, and hopefully in my wallet Winking smile


Project 10: Real Women, Real Fitness

10 Jun

On Friday I alluded to Project 10 and told you guys I’d explain more in detail at a later date.

Last week I was contacted by Stephanie, a member of the awesome group I belong to called RI Digital Media Women. She explained to me that she was starting a group called Project 10 and asked if I’d come on board as their personal fitness advisor.

What is Project 10?

Project 10 is a handful of local women looking to work together to lose weight, eat right, workout, and most importantly, support and motivate each other through social media.

Project 10 football 150x150

Stephanie will be hosting a link-up post every Wednesday, where the members of Project 10 will provide their posts for the week outlining anything they may have encountered in the previous week – workouts, recipes, weight lost, successes, struggles, you name it.

What will I be doing with Project 10?

I will be the #1 cheerleader for these ladies – guiding them on their individual journey’s. I am going to meet with quite a few (if not all) of these ladies individually and assess their fitness needs and goals, then work with them on training and program design for the future.

I’m also going to meet with them as a group and go through important aspects of any training program such as stretching, and strength exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Many of these women are mothers with young children and hectic schedules, while others have very busy work schedules, so they need options that they’re able to accomplish at home.

I am beyond excited to work with this fabulous group of ladies – they’re all motivated and ready to work hard!

I encourage you to take a minute to read Stephanie’s introductory post – visit the individual blogs of the women I’ll be working with, and give them some encouragement and motivation on their weekly Project 10 posts.

I’ll be sharing my own success with Project 10 on a weekly basis as well!


Sweat to Street Sunday: Accessory Edition

10 Jun
Welcome to Sweat to Street Sunday’s!

Each week my fabulously fit co-hosts and I will link up with one everyday outfit AND one fitness outfit that we love!

"Fashion" "Fitness" "FitFluential" "Fashion Link Up" "Fitness Clothing"

Meet Your Hosts!
Family and Life in Las Vegas (Emily)
Wild Things RUN Free (Charlotte)
Running and Cupcakes (Samantha)
MCM Mama (Erika)
Boobs, Barbells, and Broccoli (Tenecia)


Sweat to Street has been created as a place to link up your favorite outfits of the week as a new Sunday blog feature. The idea is to have some fun and change it up! Each week we encourage you to post one workout outfit and one outfit you wore that isn’t fitness related.

Every week we spotlight one awesome blogger who links up with us in the previous week! Our way of thanking you for sharing your fabulous/fun/fitness style!

This week’s featured blogger: Sarah from Sarah Learns

Link-up Suggestions:

Remember if you don’t link up, we can’t choose you to be next week’s featured blogger!

We are so excited to see all the fashions that are shared each week!

I can’t wait to see your fashions for the week!

I realize I haven’t even written one of these posts in a couple of weeks! And that I continue to forget to take pictures of my outfits, so today I bring you the accessory edition:


Most of the jewelry I own is from Silpada Designs. All of their stuff is sterling silver, and is just gorgeous.

 Necklace Tree

I have to dress up for work every day, so it only makes sense that I own enough jewelry to go with every outfit. Most of these necklaces are Silpada, with a few from Kohl’s thrown in there…

And no dress outfit is complete without earrings to match!


I know they’re a total mess, and I am always digging around through this pile to try to find a matching pair! Maybe someday I’ll actually take the time to organize this…

And then there are rings, which I feel totally naked if I’m not wearing one:


The big blue stone and the sterling hammered metal ring are both from Silpada – and I wear the hammered metal one the most, on an almost daily basis. The middle ring is from a store in New Mexico. I call it my Lucky Charms ring – something about the colors and shapes make me think of Lucky Charms!

And of course no street outfit is complete without my lifeblood purse. I carry everything in this bag so it’s rare that I go anywhere without it.



I have a lot of (curly, sometimes very frizzy) hair so when it comes to sweat I always need bobby pins, hair elastics, and Sparkly Soul headbands! These headbands are great – you know how much I love them!

Sparkly Soul Headbands2012-01-25_07-46-55_31

Not just for sweat – I wear them to work too!

No matter how hard I try, this is one accessory I just can’t seem to run without:

No Garmin.jpg

Yup, me and my Garmin. I try to run without it from time to time but it just feels weird and unnatural.

My go to, can’t live without running sunglasses – Athena by Nike:

Nike Athena Sunglasses

These are, without a doubt, the best running sunglasses I’ve ever owned. And they’ve held up over a year to my abuse (I’m not very good with sunglasses, I typically buy them at Target because I tend to just throw them in my purse, or wherever.

And lately, any run that’s double digits has required these:

Zensah Sleeves

I love my Zensah calf sleeves! I ran RnR New Orleans in them and I swear they made a huge difference!

And there you have it, another edition of Sweat to Street Sunday! Show us what you’ve got this week!


More Exciting News!

9 Jun

Good morning and HAPPY SATURDAY my friends!

I woke up this morning to a very exciting e-mail from Tricia, the Social Media Director for the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series, asking me if I’d like to be an Ambassador for the Half Marathon that takes place in Falmouth, MA (On Cape Cod) on September 22nd.

After consulting my training plan, my answer was a no brainer:


15 miles or 1/2 marathon on the exact same day as the ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon? I’m IN!

Jess is also an ambassador for this race, which makes it even MORE exciting!

Local ladies, you should register for this race and join us on what is sure to be a fun and fantastic day in September!

Have you ever run a women’s only event? I haven’t – I’m very excited for this event and opportunity!Signature


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