Monday Love: Ugly Butt Rainy Day Edition

4 Jun

Today is most definitely a day I need to talk about what I am loving versus what I really want to do – bitch, moan, whine, and complain about the weather. It’s June – and it’s COLD and RAINY!

But, enough about that – onto more important things, my weekly favorites!

1) Leftovers. I had a lot of running around to do today, and a workout to squeeze in. By the time that was all said and done it was almost 8. Who wants to cook at 8? Thank goodness for leftovers! This was a killer dinner – ready in less than 5 minutes!


2) Planless-ness. Like I said yesterday, I’m taking it easy. With taking it easy comes planless-ness. I wanted to run tonight (my legs are itching to run), but as I mentioned, Mother Nature isn’t being very friendly right now. Instead I came home, popped on my 10# Slimdown Total Body Circuit video, and had a 25 minute sweat fest in my living room. Perfect. It hit my legs, core, arms, shoulders, and felt like exactly what I needed.

3) Today’s Hits Radio on Pandora. In a word: obsessed. I cannot stop listening. I’m listening now. I listen in the car. I listen at work. Tonight I turned it on and a more perfect song could not have been chosen for the first song:

So yeah they’re a boy band and I’m not 13 – whatevs, I freakin’ love this song!

4) Looking at apartments. YES! You read that right – I’m on the fast track to awesomeness lately, and I’m moving out of my parents house! I’ve only looked at one so far and it wasn’t quite what I wanted, but, I’ve got an appointment to look at another one that has a fenced in yard – and lots of space on the inside (from what I read anyway…). Lexi would be in heaven if we moved there! This couldn’t come at a better time, really, I’m to the point where I’m very tired and frustrated over the fact that it takes me 30-40 minutes a day to drive 15 miles. My commute will be cut down by 5-10 miles, and I won’t have to drive the really traficky (yes that’s a word) parts anymore!

5) Unexpected weight loss. I stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time in at least 9 months. I lost 3 pounds. It’s simply amazing what a few little tweaks to your diet can do. I’ve avoided dairy (almost) like the plague, and got my body used to not eating like I’m marathon training (since I’m not right now). Voila, weight be gone! I thought I was looking a bit trimmer in the mid-section lately – I was right! WOOHOO!

6) Productive Sundays. I got so much done yesterday, I felt like a million bucks by the end of the day. Don’t you just love it when you have a day to just get stuff done?

You know the drill by now – what are YOU loving today? Fill me in peeps!


P.S. Stay tuned for a SUPER awesome guest post tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Monday Love: Ugly Butt Rainy Day Edition”

  1. The Bliss Project June 4, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    I am a big fan of listing the positive things when all you really want to do is complain! I have soo been there. Go there often, actually! Today, I am loving my sore arms and legs from yesterday’s 108 sun salutations. Makes me feel like a rockstar!

  2. Heather@Just a Colorado Gal June 4, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    I’m loving that I get to leave for my Columbia trip in 4 short days!

  3. loramarie03 June 4, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    Good luck with the apartment hunt! 🙂 I’m loving that I bought a stability ball after throwing mine away a few years ago. 😦 Score for my abs!

  4. jobo June 5, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Okay, now I really like that song too! I hadn’t heard it before! Boy band, who cares, I still blast NSync! And congrats on the weight loss, dear, you are rocking the awesomeness like whoa!

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