Seek the Peak 2012

17 May

For those of you that have been reading for a while you probably remember when I took on the adventure of climbing Mt. Washington last summer, right? Well if not (and for those of you that weren’t hanging around these parts yet) you can read my recaps here:

Seek the Peak Weekend Report

Seek the Peak Part 2

Well my friends, I’m doing it again! Seek the Peak 2012!  This year is going to be a little different though because the actual event is on the same day my youngest cousin is getting married. So my mother and I chose the weekend of August 10-12 to do our very own Seek the Peak. On Saturday, mommy, her friend/horse trainer, and I are all going to climb together.

One of the cool things about Seek the Peak is you can register as a Virtual Hiker:

A virtual hiker is: “Those who would like to participate by fundraising and receiving all applicable fundraising incentives, but cannot attend the event in person”

And let me tell you – the fundraising incentives are AH-MAYYYY-ZINNNGGG. Click here for more on that, it’s way too much to list! I got the goodie bag last year, and let me tell you, it is by far the best swag bag I’ve ever received for an event!

 I’m telling you all of this for two reasons:

1) If you are local to the area and want to join our very small hiking team for the weekend I would love that. The hike is challenging, but if you’re fit and able bodied you can do it. So, whaddyasay???? Hmmmm….???? If you are interested email me for more info! runcupcake {at} gmail {dot} com.

2) I would love your help in supporting the Mt. Washington Observatory through donations.

Mount Washington Observatory is a private, non-profit scientific and educational institution organized under the laws of the state of New Hampshire. Its mission is to advance understanding of the natural systems that create the Earth’s weather and climate, by maintaining its mountaintopweather station, conducting research and educational programs and interpreting the heritage of the Mount Washington region.

So you see, without donations and volunteers, Mt. Washington Observatory couldn’t exist. Here’s a bit more on what they do at the observatory:

The Observatory continues to record and disseminate weather information. It also serves as a benchmark station for many types of severe weather research and testing. The term outpost can be defined as a small group stationed away from the main body; it is also referred to as an outlying or frontier settlement. These definitions lend a sense of endangerment associated with the word, as well as the understanding of an important mission. Of the scores of mountaintop scientific stations that eventually followed its lead, the Mount Washington station is perhaps the only one that can be said to have remained in continuous operation with an active and expanding mission.

This is a great cause – weather patterns are continuously changing and need to be constantly monitored.  It’s also a cause that means a lot to me because my family and I have been vacationing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for as long as I can remember. Not a summer goes by where we don’t spend some time in the mountains of New Hampshire.

Can you help? Do you want to hike? Let me know! Have you ever climbed a mountain before? It’s an experience of a lifetime!


2 Responses to “Seek the Peak 2012”

  1. livelovenrun May 17, 2012 at 11:34 am #

    I would SO love to climb Mt. Washington! I love it up there…used to go as a kid all the time. 🙂 I’ll see what I can do as far as helping out. 😉 This is a fab goal!

  2. jobo May 17, 2012 at 1:13 pm #

    That’s awesome!! Must be a great experience. Of course I will donate 🙂

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