Life After the Big Dance

5 Mar

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Nancy, who blogs over at Living the Dream. She’s a fellow Rhode Islander, although she doesn’t live here anymore.  She’s also a crazy runner like me, and share in my passion for all things pink! Check her blog out when you get a chance – it’s a great assortment of a little bit of everything, I think you’ll like it!

While I’m sleeping off the damage I did to my body yesterday, she’s here to talk to you about what’s next. What do you do after a big race is over?


Life After the Big Dance

Life after a big race can be compared to that after the big high school prom….not that I have been to one anytime recently!  Let’s look at it this way…you find the perfect training plan (you find a date and all the other details)…you establish the perfect gear….shoes, clothes, etc. (you find the perfect dress and shoes)…you get everything laid out the night before (get your hair and nails did)….and then boom it’s here and over!  Now what?!

Training for a big race means that a huge amount of your life is your race.  Your weekends revolve around running.  It is that little birdie sitting on your shoulder saying, "You have a long run today!"

Your life is the race.  Have you ever met a 16 year old in the Spring?  Yeah their life is….the Prom!  But what they don’t tell you when you register for the big race, just like they don’t tell you as you buy your prom ticket….you may get that "now what" feeling when it is all over! 

Ok so maybe you aren’t breaking the tape (if you are kudos to you!) but you reached your goal…you did it….life is good!!!  Here are a few tips for life AFTER the big dance…you know once the glitter is gone!

1. Give yourself the mental and physical rest….You’ve mentally and physically tested your limits.  Give yourself at least a week off where you don’t have to worry about training.  Some articles even have said to take off the amount of days that equals the miles you ran (ummm yeah that’s a long time). 

2.  Get back into life….Get back to the life you had before you started training.  Your family will be so happy to see you again without compression gear on!

3.  Sign it up…Pick a new goal!  Yeah I said it….get back on the horse!  Some may work better when they have a goal in mind and training plan guiding their workouts.  Have fun!

One Response to “Life After the Big Dance”

  1. Miz March 5, 2012 at 6:17 am #

    I can imagine the MENTAL VAYCAY is so so important too!!

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