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A is for Acceptance

31 Mar

Yesterday I sent the e-mail asking to have my race registration for the Cox Rhode Races dropped from the full marathon to the half marathon. I’m a little sad, a little angry, a little excited… and fully accepting that this had to happen.

Why am I sad? I am sad because running the full Cox marathon this year would have been the perfect “tri-fecta” of Cox races for me. I “ran” the 5k in May 2010 as my very first road race (and still finished in 42:19 – a time I will always be proud of!), without having any clue about running other than put one foot in front of the other. Then I ran the half last year (it was supposed to be my first half, and ended up being my third) with a time of 2:10:13 (which is still my PR as I try so hard to reach the elusive sub-2 hour half marathon). So, naturally, I wanted to run the full this year, and I wanted it to be my sub 4:30 race. I’m sad because that is not going to happen.

Why am I angry? I’m angry because I honestly don’t know exactly what happened to trigger the knee/psoas thing. I ran my butt off in New Orleans – but I have never felt so awful post race as I did that day and the week that followed. It took days just to walk normal again (maybe THAT’S what happens when you run at very top of your ability?). Or maybe it’s the terrible roads in New Orleans? (I’m blaming it on that haha!)

Why am I excited? I still get to participate in my favorite race series. I get to run with Jess and Scott. I get to be at the finish line cheering on Coachy as he finishes his 11th (I think…) marathon. And my friend Don, who got out of really running for about a year-ish while his wife was pregnant and giving birth to their first child will  be running his first marathon since…(I don’t know when but I think it’s been a couple of years). Not to mention (even though I have a million times) – I LOVE the Cox Half course. It’s beautiful and enough of a challenge to keep your attention but not enough to have you crying for mercy.

Cox Elevation

The only really challenging hill is the one at about 6.5 miles – the rest are small, but what I like about running hills versus running flat is that you constantly have to change up the way you’re running, so then your legs don’t fatigue from moving in the exact same fashion for 2 hours as they would on the flat. (This is from my Garmin data from last year’s race)



Some of what you’ll see on the course (photos courtesy of my bro)! And this year may be even prettier because so many trees are already blooming thanks to the early summer like weather we had last week!

And acceptance… There’s no use wallowing in self-pity because I can’t run the race I had intended to run. Instead, I re-wrote my long run schedule, starting with a (hopeful) 4 miles tomorrow. And slowly re-building from there. I’m not setting a time goal for this race, I’m just going to run. I’m going to run with my friends and have a great day. And I’m going to celebrate – celebrate the fact that I can run, that there is nothing seriously wrong with me, and that this summer is going to bring some hard core marathon training my way. (I have some plans and ideas for training for Chicago, but I’m not ready to reveal them just yet).

Now I’m off to do some P90X X-stretch and foam roll, to prepare myself for my big 4 miler tomorrow!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!




Everything Happens for a Reason

29 Mar

I’ve heard this a few times since I got the diagnosis on my leg last night. And it got me thinking.


I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. What are the reasons for this injury?

…I have approximately 7 weeks to finish studying AND test for NASM. Without 3 1/2 – 4 hour long training runs, I have more time.

…I now truly realize the importance of leg strength as part of my running routine.

…I will most likely run my favorite half marathon course with one of my favorite people and her awesome hubby. And no matter what I get to spend time with them, with Jo and M, with Coachy, and with lots of other friends and family that day.

…I am stepping back and becoming more aware of what I eat (that’s a whole post on its own.)

…I am going to OWN the Chicago Marathon in October.



What has happened to YOU lately that has made you realize everything happens for a reason?



And the Verdict Is…

28 Mar

Patellofemoral syndrome (aka Runner’s Knee) and an overly tight psoas.

Now that’s a mouthful.

So, what does all of this mean?

The medical definition:

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a syndrome characterized by pain or discomfort seemingly originating from the contact of the posterior surface of the patella (back of the kneecap) with the femur (thigh bone). (Wikipedia)

Runner's Knee


My kneecap is literally just slopping around in there. It’s crunchy and straight up gross.

Psoas: As part of the iliopsoas, psoas major contributes to flexion and external rotation in the hip joint. On the lumbar spine, unilateral contraction bends the trunk laterally, while bilateral contraction raises the trunk from its supine position.[4] (Wikipedia)



As you can see from the picture, the psoas is extremely important in the function of the hip. Mine is beyond tight – like someone went in and cut a chunk of it out and now it’s short.

That explains both the knee pain, and the pain down the side of my leg.

The calf thing I kept talking about? That was just some muscle knots, they’ve been worked out. It isn’t my calf.

What does this mean for my running and racing?

I can run, if I feel okay with it. Right now, I don’t, so I won’t. I have a prescription for physical therapy, I’ll be calling them first thing tomorrow morning.

I have only one exercise restriction – no distance running.

And that means I can’t train for the Cox Rhode Races Marathon. I was also specifically told to not run the marathon. Boohoo. Sad smile

However, there’s a good chance I can still run the half. I am on a “play by ear” running status. The race is 38 days away.

What I have been told to do:

  • Cut back on my miles
  • Do more yoga (that’s not a problem!)
  • Stretch
  • Foam roll
  • Strengthen my quads
  • Pay CLOSE attention when I do decide to run
  • Take anti-inflammatories

If I do run, I’m to ice my knee directly after, as well as warm up with things like butt kicks and high knees.

I think I’m still in shock, that’s why I’m writing this with little to no emotion.

I’m just going to take it one day at a time and focus on healing. I can’t really do much else right now, right?

Anyone else ever had these troubles? Do you have any good quad strengthening exercises?


That Gut Feeling

27 Mar

I had big plans for tonight.

Big plans that included running to the ugly church and back.


Big plans that did NOT include my Garmin.

No Garmin

Big plans to just run. Run at a steady, slow if necessary, pace and log some miles.

Sometime through the afternoon I had this steadily increasing feeling that I shouldn’t run. Even though my legs feel fine (other than when I stretch and foam roll – perhaps indicator #1?).  I told myself “Suck it up Sally, you’re just nervous about having a good run because you haven’t had one since race day.”(True story) 

Even when I got home, I dilly dallied a bit, slowly stretched and foam rolled prior to the run, and finally hit the road.

From the minute my feet hit the pavement I knew this run was doomed. I tried to stick it out, telling myself it was tight, it would loosen up.

But, the sun was shining just right where I could watch for my form in my shadow. That shadow spoke to me.

It said:

Look at your right leg compared to your left. (My right being my injured leg).

I saw compromised form.

I felt my left leg hitting the ground in a way it should not hit the ground.

So I stopped and walked home. Probably not even half a mile in.

Tomorrow, I call the doctor. I honestly have no idea what it could be. My leg has gone through so many symptoms since race day.

From limping post race with pain/pulling down my knee, around my calf, and into my ankle to a steady tightness in my calf, and now it feels like it may be my IT Band, pulling. I also have hot spots in all 4 major areas of my leg – quad, hamstring, IT band, and calf, that when I foam roll has me crying for mercy. My left leg doesn’t have that, so something tells me this isn’t right.

I want to worry, I want to kick, scream, and cry with frustration. Cox Rhode Races is 38 days away, and to not run that marathon brings tears to my eyes. I wrote this post a while back, “selling” this race to all of my friends, and there’s more to it. I’ll explain in another post.

For now, I’m going to go to bed so I can wake up in the morning and call my doctor. It’s all I can do right now.

One day at a time.


P.S. Keep Coachy in your thoughts too – he’s also suffering with a bum knee, and he’s also training for Providence. Boy what a good pair we’ll make gimping the streets of Providence. Winking smile

Monday Love: Random Edition

26 Mar

Happy Monday everyone! I’m feeling sort of random – and slightly scatterbrained – so tonight’s Monday Love is coming to you in a slightly scatterbrained and random fashion.

1) Yesterday, I RAN! For the first time in 6 days. I did what I told you guys I was going to do and took 6 entire days off of running and here’s what I came up with:2 Mile Leg Test

I’ll take it! The leg feels good, and I’m feeling confident that I am on the road to recovery and able to get back into full training mode again very, very soon.

2) Lemon. Everything lemon. Lemon ginger tea. Lemon water. Lemon in my iced tea. Lemon Larabar. Lemon risotto with citrus grilled shrimp. I’m obsessed and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Raspberry Iced TeaLemon Lara Bar

3) “Oh, you fancy” Random Happy Hour with my mom and brother on a Saturday night. Complete with moldy cheese that I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have eaten (duh, dairy) and I think it made my tongue numb (I’m allergic to mold – sometimes I am really not that bright). But it was so good.

Oh You Fancy

4) Learning how to properly foam roll. HURTS. SO. GOOD. I have LOTS of adhesions, probably way too many. I am going to continue this trend of rolling out these bad, bad things in my muscles and get myself stronger!

(Picture Source)

Calf Foam Rolling

This one hurt the most – Perhaps I need to lay off the heels?

5) Strength training. I’m going to have to take some pics of my muscles for you guys! I’m on Week 3 of a two-time per week upper body power circuit (Day 1 works shoulders, biceps, and chest; Day 2 works triceps and back) – and I can already see a difference in muscle tone. I’m also doing core work 3 times per week, and will start adding in leg work this week, thanks to Jess’s recommendation. I feel so much stronger already, I can’t wait to see how this new full body strength helps improve my running!

I hope everyone had a great Monday!

What do you love this Monday?


Sweat to Street Week 4

25 Mar

Have we really been doing Sweat to Street for 4 weeks already?! Where does the time go?

Welcome to Sweat to Street Sunday’s!

Each week my fabulously fit co-hosts and I will link up with one everyday outfit AND one fitness outfit that we love!

"Fashion" "Fitness" "FitFluential" "Fashion Link Up" "Fitness Clothing"

Meet Your Hosts!

Family and Life in Las Vegas (Emily)
Wild Things RUN Free (Charlotte)
Running and Cupcakes (Samantha)
MCM Mama (Erika)
Boobs, Barbells, and Broccoli (Tenecia)


Sweat to Street has been created as a place to link up your favorite outfits of the week as a new Sunday blog feature. The idea is to have some fun and change it up! Each week we encourage you to post one workout outfit and one outfit you wore that isn’t fitness related.

Every week we spotlight one awesome blogger who links up with us in the previous week! Our way of thanking you for sharing your fabulous/fun/fitness style!

This week’s featured blogger: Becca from – I heart Eggs!

Link-up Suggestions:

Remember if you don’t link up, we can’t choose you to be next week’s featured blogger!

We are so excited to see all the fashions that are shared each week!

This week it WAS summer in New England, so of course I wore summer clothes!

Flip flops and skirt: Old Navy (I’ve had this skirt, BTW, for over 7 years!)

Cardigan – Ann Taylor Loft

Shirt – Not sure of the brand, but I bought it at Kohl’s

And for sweat, today I wore my new North Face shorts and Nike top. Remember last Monday I was trying to decide between three pairs of shorts? I chose the North Face ones for the length and so far so good! I also ended up with this Nike top rather than my typical Asics singlet because they didn’t have it in the color I wanted. More on the shorts after I wear them for a run longer than 2 miles!


I Went to Whole Foods

24 Mar

And only spent $18. I’m damn proud considering I wanted one of everything.

Me and my bro took a little trip this afternoon so I could look for almond milk yogurt. I wanted to buy a bunch of other stuff too but he told me, “Don’t buy anything here that you can buy at another store.” That made total sense to me, since the prices are a little high.

Here’s what I got:



Not much for $18 huh? Also, what’s with the cheese? And the macaroni and cheese? Whoops, I’m apparently still forgetting about the whole “no-dairy” thing, even though I went to Whole Foods for non-dairy yogurt.

I was told by someone that sheep’s milk is low in lactose and well…that’s wrong. I looked it up, it’s actually higher in lactose than cow milk. Goat’s milk has about the same amount. Goat cheese is up on that list of “Things I Will Never Give Up”, right along with ice cream and seafood.

Alas, I will eat the sheep cheese anyway (aka Roquefort). I bought a baguette, kalamata olives, and a bottle of Riesling to go with it, for what me and my brother have dubbed “Oh, you fancy” Happy Hour (which is about to take place). (Hope he doesn’t mind if I show up in sweats…)

I was very pleased with my first time in Whole Foods. Everyone that works there is super friendly, and was always asking if we needed help with anything (or I just looked lost?). I will definitely go there to find things like chicken sausage and almond yogurt, as well as produce my regular grocery store may not carry.

If I could afford to just shop there, I probably would. Their produce all looked gorgeous, and even the meats made me wish I ate them. According to the bro we need to go to the other Whole Foods location (closer to our house) because their cheese case is to die for (here we go with the cheese again. What is wrong with me?).

I also went to the regular grocery store today and picked up almond milk and frozen fruit for some smoothie experimentation – hopefully recipes to come soon!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for “Oh, you fancy” Happy Hour!

Hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday!


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