Weekend Workouts

14 Feb

Alternate titles for this post: “Defeating Mother Nature” or “Meteorologists are Overpaid and Don’t Know What They’re Talking About”

I went to bed Friday night, completely prepared to be running by 7 a.m. because, according to the local weathermen, “Rain, turning to snow, heaviest beginning around 10 a.m., through the afternoon.”

Given that it was 50 out on Friday, I knew I had a good chance of getting my last long run in before New Orleans before the snow covered the ground, it wasn’t even supposed to drop below freezing overnight. I planned on going to a bike path, so I would be safe from the road crews. Boy was I surprised when I got out of bed at 5:40, and looked out my bedroom window:


Say what? That wasn’t supposed to happen. So I went back to bed, not wanting to risk slippery conditions a week from one race and three weeks from another.

I still got my long run in! How you ask (Knowing how much I loathe the treadmill – I did not run all of my miles on the treadmill).

Coachy helped me with this workout concept last winter when I was training for the Charlottesville half. All of you New Englanders know how crappy last winter was – there was NO WHERE to run outside. So next time Mother Nature tries to foil your plans to run outside, try this instead:

Arc Trainer Intervals
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Arc trainer intervals. This workout is great because when the resistance is way up, it really ramps up your heart rate. With the resistance down, and the incline up, you give your heart a chance to recover while really working the quads.

Then I did this:

Treadmill Workout
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I was supposed to do 3 tempo miles at race pace – but my legs said no. I had already done two tempo runs in 3 days, so I listened and just threw in the quarter miles at race pace to break up the monotony of an otherwise steady state treadmill run.


Mother Nature tried her hardest to screw with me on Sunday as well. This time in the form of freezing cold temps and wind. I hate wind.

Windy Cold Run

Wonder what happened at Mile 5? A 116 foot climb STRAIGHT into the wind. I felt like I wasn’t moving. If I couldn’t see the houses and everything else on the road pass as I went by I would’ve been convinced I really wasn’t moving.

I am feeling really awesome about the rest of this run though! To keep paces like that the day after a 2 hour stint at the gym? It used to be unheard of for me. I was actually holding sub 9 from 3-3.5 miles, until I hit the beginning of that dreadful hill that killed my mile 5. It was all I had in me to stick to pace and push out a 9:20 for that mile.

The moral of this story? Be damned Mother Nature. We runners are a hard core bunch and will ALWAYS find a way to defeat you.

How did your workouts go this weekend?



4 Responses to “Weekend Workouts”

  1. Rachel February 14, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    good work! I myself got my butt outside both days. yep, I ran with the snow blowing into my face on saturday but only 5 miles and I took it slow so I wouldnt risk slipping. And I was also mostly on trail so it wasnt so bad. Sunday I braved the cold and wind and went out for a 12 miler. I had a few of those miles where the wind was pushing at me so much I felt like I was barely moving. still managed to average 8:42s though! Hard core New Englanders is what we are!

  2. JessSutera February 14, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    AMEN to that!! Weather gods be damned! I got my winter run in on Sunday despite the friggin ARTIC air going on that day – the wind was SO CRUEL. The only saving grace was the gorgeous sunshine — that and chanting to myself: “aruba, jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to bermuda, bahamas, come on pretty mama…” to try to pretend I was really in some far-off tropical locale. 😉

    NICELY done on both workouts – love the arc trainer/treadmill combo, genius!

  3. jobo February 14, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    YOU are hardcore! BAD ASS! You got in some great workouts that went against mother nature’s fury!! I love it!

  4. eatingforexcellence February 14, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    Dang girl you go! I actually did the same thing this weekend, except with a workout! What’s a little snow right?! It felt so good to get that workout done!

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