Gettin’ Back at It (Christmas Weekend Recap)

27 Dec

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone – just like that! This weekend was a whirlwind of family, fun, and food.

Now that it’s all over it’s time to get back at it. I wasn’t motionless this weekend by any means, but I cannot wait to get to the gym tomorrow night and get my sweat on. I may have consumed one too many bottles glasses of wine in the past 3 days.

How was everybody’s Christmas? Mine was great. Saturday I went last minute shopping with my step-dad and out to lunch, before going to a family Christmas Eve party. We ate, drank, and laughed, played with my cousin’s puppy (black lab – she’s so cute!), and played Uno Attack. When we got home me and my mom decided to watch Rudolph at 11 p.m. while we washed our wine down with some tea. I think we talked through the whole movie LOL.

Christmas day was lowkey – our typical. Breakfast followed by gifts. After that my brother and I got busy in the kitchen. I baked some red velvet cupcakes – then helped him prepare dinner. We spent most of our day in the kitchen! The grandparents came for dinner and dessert.  Afterwards me, bro, and the rents watched Bridesmaids – holy that movie was funny!

Santa was very good to me. Here’s a quick rundown:

Cupcake decorating kit for beginners – Ive got the baking part down, but not the decorating.
Not bad for my first try!
Cork yoga block – I need this for some of the more complicated poses
My favorite type of socks

YAY Books!
Hilarious shirt from my brother – it’s called “Dangerous Games”

Plus some good old fashioned cash-ola. That came in handy for my shopping trip with mommy to the outlets today – I made out with 3 tank tops, 2 pairs of crop yoga pants, 2 sports bras (HOORAYYYYYYYY the Champion ones I love were on sale at the outlets!), a pair of brown shoes (I really didn’t have any winter brown shoes that aren’t boots – so weird…), a cute purple dress top from the Gap (for $6), and the sweetest deals of the day: a gunmetal grey pair of dress pants from Calvin Klein (for $27 – original price $89.50!) and a belted Calvin Klein dress (for $41 – original price $140). I love outlet shopping!

It was an amazing weekend – but now I’m ready to get back into a schedule and back on track. Marathon training starts tomorrow – My training schedule is e-mailed to Coachy, and is just awaiting his approval.

What about everyone else? How was your Christmas/holiday? Are you ready to be back into a regular routine yet?


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