Xen Strength Yoga DVD Review & GIVEAWAY

20 Dec

Holy crow, I just finished the Xen Strength Yoga Video.

I mean really, holy crow. My shoulders are shaking. My legs feel super stretched, but I know I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow.

Let me back up a  minute because you’re probably going, what the heck is this Xen Strength Yoga she’s talking about? 

Fellow FitFluential Ambassador Danielle Diamond just came out with a brand new DVD called (don’t be too shocked now…) Xen Strength Yoga.  

From the Xen Strength Website

Why Xen Strength Yoga is DIFFERENT than any yoga you’ve done before?

My program offers a UNIQUE approach to traditional yoga by combining a creative flow with light weights. This fusion provides a transformational workout designed to sculpt, lengthen, and challenge every major muscle group. Xen Strength BUILDS MUSCLE, increases FLEXIBILITY, and boosts BODY CONFIDENCE by taking your body further, faster-no matter what your fitness level.
This video is AMAZING. 
I was going to record another vlog tonight where I talked all about it, but I didn’t think you’d appreciate me vlogging while eating dinner.
I am that excited by it. Seriously.
I am also so excited by this video that I plan on adding it to my weekly routine. The only other thing I do weekly is run. Everything else is scattered (ADD? Muscle confusion? You decide.).
Why am I so excited by Xen Strength Yoga?
  • Danielle is an awesome instructor. She has a great personality, and shows that even as the instructor you can’t keep perfect poses all the time. And when she wobbles, she laughs, and explains that wobbling in a pose makes your body work harder.
  • Yoga + strength training = two workouts that I like (and need) to do, combined into one, which is a huge time saver.
  • Danielle offers modifications of all of the difficult poses.
    • Side note: This video is tough. I took the modifications on a lot of the poses. You still get a butt kicking workout.
    • You’re encouraged to push yourself, but not outside of your (un)comfort(able) zone. 
  • I really enjoyed the video itself, aside from the workout:
    • It’s black and white, which I find very easy on the eyes.
    • There’s nothing more than Danielle, her mat, and her weights – that’s it, nothing distracting to look at.
    • Words of encouragement, assistance, etc. appear on the screen during the poses. 

Have I convinced you that this video is amazing? If I have, you can head on over to Danielle’s website and buy a copy for yourself. From now until Wednesday Danielle is offering 7 Free Bonuses when you buy the DVD!

Or, you can test your luck here by trying to win a copy. I have one copy of this amazing (yes, it really is, I’m sorry I’m not sorry for going on and on about how awesome this workout is) DVD to give away to one lucky reader.
Here’s how to enter (2 Mandatory Entries for this Giveaway). Please leave one comment per entry:
1) (MANDATORY) Visit Xenstrength.com – Look around. Learn about Danielle, her classes, check out one of her videos. Come back here and leave me a comment with something that interested you, or something that you learned, etc.
2) (MANDATORY) Tweet about this giveaway: “Want a butt kicking yoga workout? @runcupcake is giving away an @xenstrengthyoga DVD. Enter here: http://goo.gl/EFDt1″
Or, for those that don’t use Twitter: Share this giveaway on Facebook, mentioning my dedicated blog page
3) (Optional) Tell me why you want to try Xen Strength Yoga. 
4) (Optional) Tell me about your favorite yoga pose or favorite strength move.
I will choose one winner using the Random.org Random Number Generator on Saturday Morning, Christmas Eve.
Good luck! 

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