Some Days the Road Wins

17 Dec

Do you ever have one of those days where running/workout/whatever just doesn’t sound good? That’s how I felt this morning. But with some not so gentle nudging from Coachy and friends, I dressed myself and out the door I went.

Yes, Coachy really did call me Powderpuff…

The plan? 13 miles, I even had a route mapped out. A bunch of the hills from last weekend, with some semi-flatness thrown in. 10 minute pace or better (as instructed by Coachy).

One vanilla bean Gu down the hatch (holy sweet) and off I went. I immediately started getting that oh so unpleasant stomach pain that I knew was from the Gu. 

I trudged on. 

I made it 1.5 miles and thought about stopping then, turning around, and going home. My breathing was off, my stomach hurt, and my legs felt like lead.

But I remember words of wisdom from Coachy (he’s pretty wise – don’t tell him I told you that though). These words of wisdom are somewhere along the lines of always give a run at least 3-4 miles before throwing in the towel. 

So again, I trudged on. 

I made it to the reservoir, which is a good place to either turn around or continue, because you have to cross the causeway to get to the other side. I decided then that I would turn around, and slowly make my way home. I knew if things started to feel better that I could always take my 7 mile loop and still have a long run today.

That didn’t happen. Things started to feel worse. My left knee was feeling painful and tweaky to the point where it slowed me to a walk a few times. 

But I did it. I still ran. I still got 5 miles in today. 10:49 average pace, so recovery type run. 

When I got home I stretched really well, and I’m concentrating hard on hydration for the day. I’m hoping for some fresh feeling legs tomorrow so I can get that 13 done. And if not? It’s not the end of the world. I still have plenty of time before Marathon #3 – I just want to (as Coachy says) make sure I get all my long runs in!

Tomorrow’s another day! 

What do you do when your workouts don’t go as planned?


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