Running Free

16 Dec

Here in Lil’ Rhody we are still having amazing weather. We had some normal December weather for a bit, but today it was 55 degrees outside. 

I told Coachy I needed the cattle prod, because I had zero desire to workout tonight. I’ve had a pretty taxing, exhausting week. He gave me his typical response, “WHOOPSCHNAP!”, and told me that if I ran he’d run, an accountability sort of thing. Okay. I can do that. 

I got home from work, quickly changed into my sparkle hearts running skirt (I wonder if the sparkly hearts are reflective…hmmm?), and threw on my Saucony running jacket. It may be warm out but the wind is a whipping. Plus, I can attach the awesome Saucony LED light to the sleeve and make it go all flashy flashy so I don’t get run down. That jacket is super duper reflective see:

Running Saucony Ad? Yup, the jacket, the ear warmers, the tights, and I had on my bright pink Kinvaras

Once I felt safe enough to run in the dark, I was off!

I immediately pulled my sleeve over my Garmin and told myself I wouldn’t peek. I was literally running to the end of a long straight road by my house and back, a little over 3 miles. I can survive 3 miles without Garmin viewing.

While running, my legs felt a touch tired (after last night’s speedy treadmill intervals), but not really sore or heavy. I figured I was running about a 10 minute pace, which is an easyish pace for me. I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself or running hard, until I hit 3 miles. I did listen to the beeps coming from my Garmin to know what mile I was at.

When I hit 3 miles I decided to stride out and really run for the remainder of the run. 

Imagine my surprise when I stopped my Garmin and first saw that my final mile pace was 8:33 (really?!) and that my overall average pace was 9:37! Holy crap, that felt so easy!

And my pace was so steady (that little blip at the beginning was me stopping to adjust my light – safety first!).

I’m currently riding along on one of those ever so beautiful “that was so easy” run high’s – ya know, the ones you get when you think you’re running slow but soon realize you’re actually running at a pretty bitchin’ pace?!

When’s the last time you had a super kick ass “easy” run?!

I challenge those of you that run with a Garmin, or other time keeper, to run free. I’m going to try to do this more often!


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