A Renewed Attitude

12 Dec

After my last half in October, I took a couple of weeks off of running. Then, during November I gently eased back in for a couple of weeks, before beginning a short period of intense speed work so I could PR another 5k before the year ended, which, as you all know, I did last Sunday.

Between the time off, and a concentration on speed work versus long runs for the first time since May, I feel like I am going into Marathon #3 training with a renewed attitude.

I came to this conclusion after today’s run, which was Marathon #3 Long Run #1. Coachy’s instructions: Run 10-13 (depending on how I feel, since I ran 7 yesterday, and my right foot was a tad sore), at no slower than a 10mm, unless I absolutely had to slow down to run the hills and complete the run. However, he told me, push yourself to “build asskicking strength” and because “them hills will make you a machine.”

Well, that’s what I did.

Before I started the run I ate a Jet Blackberry Gu. Then, I pushed myself as hard as I could up each hill, and I opened up my stride downhill. (Coachy also says changing up your stride during long runs is good for you, so you don’t get stiff and sore by running the exact same stride for mile upon mile upon mile). At 5 miles (which was very close to 45 minutes) I ate a Tri-Berry Gu.  A lot of people don’t fuel for runs this short – but I am hypoglycemic, so I have be very diligent about keeping my blood sugar regulated. I’ve learned from previous runs that no fuel on any run of 10 miles or longer means I’m going to get worn out, feel sick, bonk, and it doesn’t end pretty. This run ended pretty, my final mile wasn’t my fastest but it also wasn’t my slowest. My fastest mile was Mile 9 which was a 9:02 mile (9:02 pace in Mile 9 after all those hills? HELL YEAH!).

868 Feet of elevation gain? 9:33 Pace? This girl’s getting strong!
Holy. cow. That was CRAZY.
 My renewed attitude has taught me that I have to be responsible for every major or minor detail in these long runs, or I’m not going to be successful. It also taught me to squish the little voices inside.

The voices that told me to slow down on that hill because I was having a hard time breathing.

The voices that told me to stop in the middle of the hill because it was so hard. (I did stop a couple of times, once to fuel, once to take a couple of pictures, and a couple other times at intersections). 

The voices that said slow down, run this easy, it’s so hard, your legs hurt, your lungs hurt. 

I shut each and every one of those little guys (gals?) up today. I replaced them with these little voices:

Duh, of course you’re having a hard time breathing, you’re running UPHILL.

Don’t stop in the middle of this hill – getting going again in the middle of a hill is harder than finishing the hill. And, what’s that up ahead? Oh it’s flat ground, or a downhill, just get there and it will get easy again for a few minutes.

You can’t get stronger if you run every run easy. Push up that hill. Keep running, don’t stop, push the pace, you’ve GOT THIS! 

I feel so great lately. I’m excited for my journey to Marathon #3.

How was everyone’s runs and workouts today? It was a beautiful (albeit chilly) Sunday here! Here’s the pics I took on my run today:

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