30 for 60 Challenge – What to Do

2 Dec

This is where I answer all of your 30 for 60 Challenge questions.

Do I have to tweet every workout? Not at all. Do it for motivation, inspiration, fun, and for new workout ideas! With Day 1 done, I’ve seen some great new workout ideas. If you choose to tweet your workouts, tweet with the hashtag #30for60.

How do I keep track of my workouts? Here are some suggestions:

  • Go old school and just WRITE IT DOWN! (Coachy’s favorite) Use a simple paper calendar or Download a free calendar template from Microsoft Office.
  • Create a spreadsheet (this is what my mother is doing)
  • Active.com : If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free one. There’s a free “Manage my Training” calendar.  It’s what I use, and I like it.  
What am I tracking? 
  • Type of workout (running, yoga, spinning, weights, etc.)
  • Amount of time
  • Miles (if you’re running or walking)
  • Weight lost (If you’re joining in the weight loss part of the challenge)
When do you want my data/where do I send it/what do I send?
  • When: Send December’s data no later than Friday, January 5th. Send January’s data no later than Sunday, February 5th.
  • Where: Send your complete data to me: runcupcake {at} gmail {dot} com
  • What:  Everything I listed in What am I tracking as well as your Twitter handle, if you have one.
Feel free to comment, e-mail me, or tweet me any questions

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