30 for 60 Challenge Update #1

30 Nov

Good evening friends! Unfortunately my FitBlog Chat moderator debut has been postponed due to technical difficulties! So you get two posts from me in one day instead!

Coachy and I are hosting a 30 for 60 Challenge (In case you haven’t heard). 

A couple of updates from the challenge:

  1. We are up to 53 participants (not including me and Coachy!)
    • Most weight lost (My mommy’s idea)
    • Most workout variety (Coachy’s idea)
And there you have it folks! Tomorrow is the last day to sign up, which I should clarify just consists of leaving a reply here or on the original post, or tweeting at me @runcupcake or Coachy @runbikesurf

So put on your workout variety thinking caps, dust off your neglected scales, and lets get active!

You may want to also check out Colleen over at The Fit Bee – she’s doing a challenge as well, and the two fit perfectly together. It’s called Getting Back to Basics – she’s so hard core she’s participating in both! Who else wants to be hard core?  I’m joining her challenge as well.  My major problem this time of year is sweets, so I’m vowing to indulge wisely and not go crazy.

So, who’s joining 30 for 60? Who’s joining Getting Back to Basics? Who wants to be one of the cool kids and DO BOTH?! 

Have a great night my friends!


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