Lots to Love this Monday

29 Nov

Holy moly, there is SO MUCH good to talk about lately so lets get right to it.

1) THE WEATHER. The weather here has been PHENOMENAL lately. Sunny (most days), mild – shorts and tee running weather! I’m about to write a love letter to Mother Nature (maybe it will convince her to keep it this way????).

2) The 30 for 60 Challenge. 50 51 people have signed up so far (and that does not include me or Coachy). Two more days to sign up! I really love how many people are willing to participate in a fitness challenge smack dab in the middle of the holiday season! I can’t wait to see how it goes. And speaking of the holidays…

3) I’m moderating FitBlog Chat this week! Yes, that’s right! The theme, “Oh Heavens, It’s the Holidays Again”. We’re going to be talking about maintaining fitness habits, avoiding overindulgence, maintaining self control, you name it! I hope to see you all there! Remember, it starts Tuesday night at 9 p.m. (EST) Follow the hashtag #fitblog or sign in to the FitBlog Chat website Tuesday night for all the fun! 

4) Learning proper sit-up and push-up form. My brother is in the National Guard, so I asked him to teach me how to do proper sit-ups and push-ups. Turns out, sit-ups are much harder than crunches. And much more effective. Little bro’ told me that doing sit-ups versus crunches will work my entire abdomen, as well as my hip flexors (which I so need). I can feel it in my hip flexor area when I do them, this is going to be so fantastic for strengthening my weak, left hip. I can also see how my upper abs are stronger (and more defined) than my lower abs, so I’m looking forward to lower ab definition (and maybe even, *gasp*, a 6-pack?).

5) Compression socks. I have two pairs of Zensah compression socks. I wear them after every run, sometimes I even sleep in them. I don’t run in them, but I see a lot of people that do.  I’d like to see some arguments for and against running in compression. I lean toward the side of against running in them, right now, because I feel with them on you can’t feel if your calves are trying to tell you something is wrong…

6) The amount of time I spent in the kitchen this weekend. I made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, cookies for a blogger cookie swap (that I totally neglected to promote while sign up was still open…), trail mix (recipe to follow), baked my brother’s birthday cake, made honey wheat bread in my parents poor, neglected bread machine…wow, that’s a lot. I love my parent’s kitchen, it makes me happy, you’ll be seeing a lot more new recipes from me in the near future (meals, snacks, cupcakes, you name it…).

7) A BONUS ONE FOR TODAY! I’m feeling super organized – I know how busy I am this week so I have 4 posts already pre-written and scheduled, so my busy life won’t leave you, my faithful readers, feeling neglected!

I hope you all had a fantastic Monday!!!! 


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