It Hasn’t Been All Bad (Happiness in an Otherwise Blah Week)

18 Nov

Hello darlings! Can you believe it’s Thursday? Thank goodness this week is going fast because this is how I feel about it:


It hasn’t been all bad. Yesterday two three wicked good things happened: 

1) I ran a KICK ASS speed interval session, IN THE RAIN

This included 8 quarter mile intervals ranging from 7:21 avg to 8:14 avg

2) I got a surprise birthday package filled with chocolate and beer. It made my day GREAT. (Other than a small incident at work that gave me a massive heart attack made me slightly nervous, but is now over, and all is well again). 

3) I went to dinner with a lovely lady who I hadn’t seen in way too long:

And then today I did this:

Pay no mind to that elevation, I think my Garmin started in space…

6 miles turned into 7 because I have an awful sense of distance, but the crazy part is that this run is my best recovery run EVER. Most times when I run the day after running speedwork, my legs protest, my lungs don’t want to hear it, and I slog on down the road like a sloth on ritalin. 

No, no, not this Sloth (Source)
I think he needs some ritalin (scary, but cute, no?) (Source)

I’m feeling faster and stronger with each run.  My hip did protest a bit today, since I’m building back my mileage, so I’m going to treat it to some elliptical rather than running tomorrow.

Anything else?


Have a great evening my friends, thank you all for the kind words this week on my posts, about my accident, etc. It means so much to me!!!! Year 30 is going to be a great one, I can feel it. 
I love Snoopy, Snoopy loves Woodstock (Source)


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