Relentlessly Positive

16 Nov

This week, birth week, is really not off to a good start. Yesterday was just one of those days and today started like this:

My. poor. car. (Pardon the not so great Photoshop removal of my license plate – I’m still learning)

BUT I REFUSE TO LET IT GET ME DOWN. At no point today did I allow myself to get down about this, because it could have been worse. Airbags didn’t go off, no blood, no broken bones. 

Then I saw this tweet:

I’m totally with Jess on this one. I do not know anyone that has ever had a good reason to use FML.  Yes, we all have bad days. No one wants to start their day off by getting in a car accident or spilling coffee all over their white pants or breaking a heel off of a shoe, or …I could go on… That is not a good reason to say FML (And these are true examples I’ve heard of people using FML – no exaggeration). I’m using extremely silly examples, I’ve seen people use FML in worse situations (such as my unfortunate incident this morning), but I still don’t believe a car accident on this sort of scale calls for an FML.

STAY POSITIVE PEOPLE. Try to look at the bright side. Sit back, relax, and think about this:

Positive thoughts

Positive actions

Don’t feed into the negativity, don’t allow your own brain to get in your way. I am not perfect, and I am a victim of my own brain. But with the start of my 30th year I am going to live with those two statements, I am going to follow them, and I am going to make every day a positive day.

When the going gets tough, and your brain starts to get in your way, remember this:

If this little guy can grin from ear to ear, guess what? I can too.  And you can too. 

Positive thoughts. Positive actions. Don’t feed into the negativity, don’t let the negative thoughts seep in. If we all did this, the world would be a much happier place (and I’ll run that 4:30 marathon…).

So, who’s with me?! 

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