Monday, oh, Monday

15 Nov

Yeah, it was one of those days. Because it was, without further ado I present you with another edition of Monday Love…

1) I love my friends. Saturday night I went to Martha’s birthday party, and it was a blast. (Glad I didn’t sleep over though – yesterday’s run might not have happened otherwise…). We have been friends since we were in 9th grade, and have been celebrating our birthdays together since we were 15. We missed a few in college, and the year I lived in Iowa, but not too many (I don’t even think we’ve missed 5). Isn’t she cute: 

Check out that bicep! Finally getting some definition!

Then of course there’s Steph, who I spent 2 hours with on the phone yesterday, and it seemed like 2 minutes. She’s great! We talked about mean girls, bad habits, running, friends, husbands, you name it… I haven’t talked on the phone like that with a girlfriend in years, it was fun! Lets do it again soon! (Although I’d much rather see you in person)

And I could never, ever forget my friend Sara, who I can always count on for a ridiculously hilarious (and most likely inappropriate, and probably drunken) time. Like, when we ride the bull at Toby Keith’s Bar in Patriot Place this Saturday.

I love my friends. 

2) I love a killer workout. Tonight’s workout:

  • 15 hard, fast minutes on Eli (TWSS)
  • Every upper body weight machine in the gym til I maxed out the muscles
  • Roman chair leg lift thingies with straight legs
  • Oblique twists with medicine ball
  • 15 more minutes with Eli 
I’m having a hard time holding my arms up to type this. I can only imagine how I’ll feel tomorrow.

3) I love my new organizational tools. I got both of these today. One is a super cute, pink faux crocodile skin gold leaf journal (sounds fancy schmancy doesn’t it?), and the other is a day planner.  I need them both – desperately.  As much as I embrace technology, I like to write my appointments down, and when I have thoughts or ideas, I like to write them in a book.  These two little guys could be the best purchases I’ve made in a while.
4) I love cookies and wine. The best part is the cookies weren’t baked by me, they were baked by my little bro. Dutch chocolate something or other (sorry kid, I don’t remember what you called them). Delicious. And the wine is in my favorite glass from Blenheim Vineyards in Virginia (owned by Dave Matthews – yes, that Dave Matthews. No, I didn’t get to meet him *sad face*).
5) I love that It’s birth week. HELLO DUH Of course I love this, I turn 30 on Saturday.  So far my plans include my first ever yoga class, and a fantastic night out with some of my absolute most favorite people ever (Yup it includes Sara, Martha, and Steph – and that bull).
Thirty is Pretty
6) I am loving the un-Novemberlike weather. My weekend in NYC was perfect weather. This weekend was perfect weather. Today I wore to work: a skirt, a tank top, and a light cardigan with a pair of pumps. No pantyhose, no coat, no leggings, tights, or other warm stuff. It’s PERFECT. And it’s here to stay for a few days:
Nevermind the couple 40 degree days, most are close to 60! 
Phew, this could be a new record of longest time to write a short blog post ever between trying to remove red eye and twitter distraction.

I hope you guys had a great Monday!

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