Sunday (Unplanned) Rundate!

14 Nov

As I was leisurely hanging around the house this morning – tweeting, facebooking, and the like… I saw this:

So, naturally I chimed in and the conversation went a little like this:

And like that it was a virtual (unplanned) rundate with Coachy! I love spur of the moment! 

I forgot to charge my iPod last night, but the weird thing is I didn’t even miss it. I took Coachy’s advice from the other day and spent plenty of time on this run taking pics and generally just enjoying myself.

So, since it was his idea, I present the rest of tonight’s post in Coachy’s Style

I’ve never noticed this house before, it’s cute, I could totally live here
Unnecessarily obscene church – with an ugly front yard?
Not bad for not trying? I tweeted halfway there, … and the return tweet? 
Halfway there fuel

I love finding country roads to run
You can’t tell how steep this is, but at 8 miles of my longest run in a month, it was unwelcome.
Well, that’ll keep you going…just when I thought 8 miles was tough, I decided to push harder…
Sunny 60 degree day in Mid-November – perfect!
And done… not bad considering I wasn’t really pushing! 

 I can summarize my longest run in 4 weeks like this:

721 total feet of gain – can’t wait to see how my quads feel tomorrow…
Miles 1-8 were fantastic – after that, I definitely needed the use of my brain, which I forced to cooperate with me. Quads and hip flexors were sore, but I knew I could push through so I did.  All in all what a great way to get back into long runs. The lesson of the day: country roads may be beautiful, but good lord they’re hilly. I keep running this and I’m going to OWN flat races.
Tonight’s moon – GOODNIGHT!


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