Let’s Get Moving Into Action

12 Nov

Oh how I love music. Tonight’s title is courtesy of a bitchin’ Tim Armstrong song (Coachy would be so proud). It was the first thing that popped to my mind when I started thinking of my title.

And why am I talking about action? Because I am back in the game my friends! 

After my hip incident at the Amica Half I decided I was running myself ragged. 

  • 7 day workweek (2 of those days involving being on my feet all day and some *gasp* physical labor)
  • Moving out of my apartment
  • Burn out from too many races, too much running, too much freakin disappointment.
So, I took some time off, and I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t talked about exercise of any variety much at all lately. 

I told myself, finish up October, get the move done, enjoy a relaxing weekend in NYC, then get home and get back to it.  And that is exactly what I did!

I got home late Monday night, so I took Tuesday off as a day to rest, recuperate, unpack, etc.  Wednesday though it was all work and no play.

Wednesday: Speed day! I have two 5k’s coming up that I’d like to PR in!
Not exact, but very VERY similar to what I did on the TM at the gym.  5.25 miles total. This is the stepdown interval that was mentioned in last Friday’s post by me and Coachy (these are my paces, the chart in that post are his paces). 

Thursday: Upper Body/Abs Day
  • 10# Slimdown Extreme Upper Body (40 minutes).  This workout is badass. My arms are like Jell-O today. Sore, but it feels so good. The only thing I don’t like about these videos is that I feel they are designed for people who are only going to do the 10# Slimdown program.  There’s too much additional lower body work for me, when I’m on a day off from running, so I usually end up doing the easy modifiers without the legs. 
  • Since I like my workouts to be approximately an hour I added in:
    • 100 crunches
    • 100 Oblique twists with 10# weight
    • 30 rollups (from completely laying down to touching toes)
    • A couple planks (don’t know how long I held, not long, my arms gave out)

Almost steady state run (but I can’t do it on the treadmill, I just can’t.  I am constantly fiddling with the buttons). 6 miles @ 9:27 average, but I did the last 1/4 mile of every mile at my planned 5k pace (8mm).

I feel great, it’s awesome to be back.  

Some funnies from today:

Vanilla protein powder w/water is GROSS. I choked it down after my run because I had to, but I think I’ll mix it with oj going forward.

My parents live in multiple centuries. See:
How old is that can opener? Older than me…
I can’t wait to start baking in this baby!
 Carb Friday makes me happy. I’m planning on 10 or more miles on Sunday.  I talked about it with Coachy, and he wants me to just get the miles in. Run, enjoy, stop and pet a dog or take pics (his words, not mine), etc. So that’s what I’m going to do. Run to get the miles in and not worry about pace, conversational, and calm. 

So to celebrate carb Friday:

Leftover cleanup: mom’s homemade sauce, grilled chicken, angel hair.  Also two pieces of unpictured Italian bread toast.
I am now going to finish up my wine, on the couch.  I actually have the house to myself tonight, well except for these two jokers:

I hope everyone had a great Friday!
For your listening pleasure:

One Response to “Let’s Get Moving Into Action”

  1. RunBikeSurf November 12, 2011 at 5:04 am #

    Welcome back Sam. You hit burnout for a spell. Happens to everyone. Recharge and its fun again. And you come back stronger than before. Great post. Have fun with these 5 k's

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