Running and Beauty

4 Nov

A little bit of both!

Last night I ran my last post-work outdoor run until who the hell knows when. Amiright? I very much dislike the fact that it is now pitch black at 6 p.m., and I may get straight up grouchy next week when it’s pitch black when I leave work. But, I digress…

Back to the run. It was a hard easy run. A recovery of sorts, from my crazy treadmill walk/jog/run intervals on Tuesday. Last night’s run reminded me that running is also a mental game – holy hell was it hard to force another 6 miles.

And speaking of running, regularly, apparently my body has discovered that I’m running frequently again because


I mean, seriously, I have been a ravenous beast for two days. Somebody stop me! Well, no, don’t.  I love food too much. I also love that both Tuesday and Wednesday night I came home to dinner. My mom made a delicious pork chop, baked apple, and broccoli/cauliflower dinner on Tuesday night, and my brother made some seriously wicked good chicken curry last night. I could get used to this!

Oh, the beauty part, that’s right.  I spent a good two hours at the salon tonight.  It was so nice to catch up with the ladies, drink some sangria, and be pampered.  My hairdresser even gave me an early free birthday blow-out! She’s so sweet! Blowout, shellac manicure, and some waxing – it’s not easy being a girl (at least on my wallet…?)

So now’s where I tell you that you won’t be hearing from me again until Tuesday.  But in the meantime, I have some wicked guest posts set up for you that you won’t want to miss!

Have a great weekend my lovely friends, I’ll catch up with you all on Tuesday!

P.S. Everyone make sure to get your butt’s on Twitter on Sunday morning and wish good luck to Coachy as he runs the New York City Marathon! 

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