2 Nov

It’s November 1 and you know what that means – BIRTH MONTH!!!!

Oh, okay that’s not really what it means.  It means it’s a new month, and it’s time for some newness.

First up: Birth Month Goal #1: 
I started that today with 6 miles at the gym.  That 6 miles was supposed to be 800m intervals, but I soon modified it, because I was running them at a 7:41 pace and well…that’s freakin hard.

I ended up coming up with my very own custom workout! I call it Walk/Jog/Run. It’s as simple as this:
  • Warm up for 1 mile (for me that’s a 10mm – 6 mph)
  • 1/4 mile at 30 seconds (or so) faster than 5k pace (7:41 mm – 7.8 mph)
  • 1/4 mile walk (15 mm – 4 mph)
  • 1/4 mile jog (10mm – 6 mph)
  • Repeat for as many times as you want – I’d do enough to make it about 4 miles, since my typical weekday runs are 6 miles.
  • Cool down for 1 mile (10mm – 6 mph)
I highly recommend it – I really enjoyed having three different interval paces. Now, I’m exhausted – 7:41 is freakin’ fast.  

Have you ever created your own custom treadmill workout? Or any other kind of workout? 


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