Foodie Penpals Round 2 – October Edition

30 Oct

Good morning! Welcome to Round 2 of Foodie Penpals.  

What? You don’t know what Foodie Penpals is? You can read all about it on Lindsay’s Post, which describes the program in detail. You can also read about our first Foodie Penpals month on my September Edition Post.

Okay, now onto the goods.  My Foodie Penpals package came from Kayla at Sprouty Buns

One of the Foodie Penpals requirements is that there must be something handwritten.  Kayla sent all of her handwritten notes in a cute envelope.

Stubb’s BBQ Sauce – this stuff is so good.  I put it on a grilled turkey burger so far, but I am definitely going to try Kayla’s suggestion of putting it on roasted sweet potatoes – YUM! And, Stubb’s is made in Texas, where Kayla’s from! I can’t wait to eat more of it – I bet it’d be good on black bean burgers too, hmmm…that’s a good idea.

Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Bar – this bar was like eating banana walnut bread.  The taste was spot on, the texture was great, and it kept my belly full for a while! Gotta love fiber!

All I have to say about this is O. M. G. Yes. That and I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t eat both of these in one sitting along with a big ol’ glass of red wine. 

I was a tad skeptical on this one.  I’m not a huge white chocolate fan. I like it, but I don’t choose it on purpose.  And, the “grown up” Clif Bars (aside from the Mojo bars) are just yucky – they taste like ground up saw dust glued together.  Not the case with the Clif Kid Z Bar – this bar was delicious, and the white chocolate chips were not prominent in the flavor of the bar.  I will definitely be trying more flavors of these!

Snackimals – first of all, what a freaking cute name for animal crackers. And they’re super cute:

These are adorable, delicious, and all natural.  I definitely have to find more of these!

Peanut. Butter. Granola.  Holy, yum. This stuff is so freakin’ good. I’ve eaten it by the handful, and I also made a wicked yogurt bowl – plain Chobani, granola, a banana, and honey – it was so so so so good.  I already told Kayla how much I love this stuff. And she was sweet enough to tell me when I get close to running out, if I can’t find it, she’ll send me more! Oh boy will I need more!

That’s a wrap friends! I can’t wait to see what kind of goodies I get and what kind of goodies I can find to send next month! 


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