Thursday Tangents

28 Oct

Happy Thursday friends! Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of days, but boy have I been busy. Where do I begin?

Tuesday: The big stuff got moved on Tuesday. It’s interesting moving with one man and two women – but we did it! Not without incident of course…

  • Two fingers on my left hand got crushed on a concrete step by the loveseat, and I lost a whole bunch of skin.  It still kinda hurts – and I’m left handed, writing with bandaids on my fingers is difficult!
  • My desk fell out of the trailer – WHOOPS! It’s repairable though, no big deal.
  • My boxspring won’t fit up the stairs of my parents 200 year old house (yeah it’s that old – or pretty damn close anyway). So right now my mattress is on the floor, but I’ll get some plywood, put it in my bedframe, and make do, it’s only for a year-ish.
Now I’m unpacking, reorganizing, etc…it took me until 10:30 last night to put away all my clothes!

Wednesday: I RAN! I RAN! Yes, I ran! Before last night I had run once in 9 days, now twice in 10 days.  I’m mostly okay with it, I’d rather be running than moving, but hey such is life, right? Tuesday night I knew I had to run though, I just knew it, so I mentally prepared myself to run after work on Wednesday.

Anyway – check out this run: 
Right?  As Coachy said, “Enjoy the quality over quantity runs while you can.” Okay, I’ll take that and run with it (bahahahahahah did I mention I’m freakin tired?). So, this run started as a tempo run and quickly ended up as fartleks (does that word make anyone else giggle). I drank a TON of water yesterday, and didn’t stop right up until I started running, so I got a huge belly cramp.  So, I turned my tempo run (accidental tempo BTW – My legs just wanted to GO) into fartleks (hehehehe). Holy crap though, right?

Okay enough about that … maybe…for now…oh yeah, one more thing, this was another “run just to run”…awesome.

What else?

Oh Two things I’m WICKED excited about:

1) Coachy now has a blog.  “And if ya don’t know now you know….” (Bonus points if you know that song…) If you have not checked it out, I highly recommend it.  He may not blab as much as I do but when he does, prepare to be amused AND see beautiful pictures. Check it here yo: RunBikeSurf: Ramblings, babblings and snapshots

Speaking of beautiful pictures… wow I’m on a wicked tangent tonight…I’ve been driving by this for 6 years and finally took pics:

Okay, back on track (is there a track to this post?)

Oh yeah, the second thing I’m excited about:

Read this post from a half marathon PR-ing awesome super awesome woman. And then get excited with me cuz JESS IS RUNNING HER FIRST 26.2 IN CHICAGO! And, um, well, I’m already stalking Chicago registration for the day it opens because I AM running that race next year. There’s more to that, than that, but more on that later.  Follow? 

Okay, if I haven’t lost you by now you should win a prize or something.

Goodnight darlings!

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