A Truly Enjoyable Run

25 Oct

Yesterday morning I went out for my first run since the Amica Half.  I headed out with only one goal in mind: run. I had 6 miles on the brain, since that’s my magic “easy” number, but I wasn’t going to fret if I didn’t make it.

I headed out in the brisk 40 degree morning. I was sure glad I had taken my tights out of winter storage earlier in the week, that is too cold for shorts! Everything just felt right, and even though I was wearing my Garmin, I wasn’t paying attention to pace. Turns out I averaged 10:05 over 5.89 miles! I’ll take it!

Not paying attention to pace really made this run enjoyable.  I just ran to run, to get some miles in, and get my exercise.  I really paid attention to my surroundings – it was a beautiful fall morning.  Crisp air, not very many cars out on the road, colorful leaves everywhere.

At about two miles I was running by a huge flock of geese, and everything in the early morning light looked so beautiful I had to stop and take a picture:

I also ran this route, with some extra different twists and turns in it.  It’s amazing how the world looks different even when you’re on the same road, just traveling in the opposite direction.

When I got home from this great run, I did this:

I’ve done this before, but I just read this article on Active.com that cites the benefits of laying on the floor with your legs on the wall. A few of the benefits are:

*Relieves tired cramped legs
*Gently stretches hamstrings and back of the neck
*Calms the mind

It’s truly relaxing to lay like that, I almost fell asleep!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and great Monday! 

What are your training plans for the week? I’m going to try to run at least Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday this week. My strength training will be moving furniture and boxes.


One Response to “A Truly Enjoyable Run”

  1. Jennifer Goodale October 25, 2011 at 2:51 am #

    So glad you had an awesome run! The weather has been perfect in northern VA:). I also do the legs up against a wall after my runs (if my 1-year old let's me)…it makes such a difference!

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