When I Fall Off the Wagon…

22 Oct

…I tumble for miles. I’ve never been hit so hard, emotionally or physically, by a race as I was by the Amica Half Marathon. For those of you that have been checking in on me every day, yes, I feel much better. I’m not over it, that probably won’t come until I finally make that sub 2-hour goal, but I’m not sad anymore, and I’m not sore anymore.

This week, I not only allowed my fitness habits to relax, but also my eating habits.  I’ve eaten fast food roast beef sandwiches and fries, donut holes, too much candy, and I’m craving more MORE MORE. I’ll call this my post-race depression. But now it’s time to pick up the pieces and move on. Starting with better eating ASAP. I gave up fast food and junk for a reason – oh I feel gross.

I’m going to go for my first post-race run Sunday morning, I’m looking forward to a few easy miles to test my hip and back. Hopefully all goes well and I can resume normal training.

And when I say resume normal training that actually means an entirely new training plan. I learned a couple of very valuable lessons with my “injuries” (I use the term loosely, because I’m not really injured…or maybe I am, just on a much lesser level than I consider injury?) – and I know now what I need, and what I will do.

1) I need to do more core work.  I spend my day sitting at a desk, which compresses the spine, no matter how hard I focus on my posture and sitting up straight. I will dedicate one day a week to core training. By the end of the week I feel like this guy:


2) I will dedicate myself to one active rest day per week, preferably Saturday. I am going to make sure to stretch for at least 1/2 hour on Saturdays, which I should precede with something simple like a short walk or quick ride on the stationary bike (the rents have one positioned perfectly for television watching). I need to rest from anything hard core, but I also need to focus on stretching. Combining the two the day before my typical long run day is a great plan.

3) I will only run 4 days per week and I will run by feel.  The only set run day is Sunday, which is my long run day. All the other days will depend solely on how my legs feel but of course I’ll incorporate tempo runs, speed work, hills, and recovery runs. 

4) I will do more strength training.  I started doing the 100 push up challenge before the half, I plan on restarting and seeing it through.  I also plan on doing the 200 sit up challenge. Those two items also help with core, but I also need to do upper body and leg strength.  I’ll hit machines at the gym, or do free weights, or find some new videos to keep me interested.

5) I’m going to mix up my work outs because I get bored easily.  Since I’m moving I’m also going to have new running routes to explore.  And, plenty of hills for those hill workouts.

I like the “loose plan” idea that I’m working here – but I need a schedule…makes sense, right? I think Coachy will be proud of my new approach…I didn’t run it by him yet, um, why didn’t I tell him yet? Whoops…sorry Coachy…do you approve? I’m thinking of a schedule something like this:

Monday: Core
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Run
Saturday: Active Rest Day/Stretch
Sunday: Long Run

Now, hold me accountable, k? Thanks in advance. 

How was everyone’s Friday? What are your training plans like? Any fun races coming up? I apparently am doing 4 more 5ks this year (why do I let people talk me into stuff…you know who you are.)


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