Moving On

21 Oct

First of all, I feel awful. You guys are awesome.  The messages here and on Twitter in response to my race report from Sunday really warmed my heart. It’s good (well not really but…) to know I’m not the only one that has had a crappy race. Your comments made me feel tough, strong, able to overcome…I don’t know how I pushed through that pain, but I did. As you can see, I was not a happy camper:

Celebrating the finish line? Or angry that I still have to make 10 more steps?

I didn’t look that miserable the whole time, early in the race I was enjoying myself, even if I was concentrating a bit too much:

I was in a serious rhythm, damn hip…

Okay so enough of that. Onto more important stuff…

I have not worked out since Sunday. That race really knocked the life out of me.  Today, Thursday, is the best I’ve felt all week. I went to the chiropractor last night and she was shocked at how tight my back was, and did her best to loosen it up, but it’s not completely there.  Stretching and a massage on Monday oughta do the trick. She also told me that what I experience in my left hip is a symptom of my congenital hip dysplasia (in English…I was born with a dislocated hip, so I’m prone to problems). I went in August for a sports medicine massage and was taught how to take care of it, now I just have to remember to do it. So that’s that – the back is healing, the hip will never be right but I can take care of it with stretching. And after multiple nights of 8-9 or more hours of sleep, I don’t feel so zombie like anymore.

I was going to do yoga tonight, but it was gorgeous out (aside from the wind) so I decided to finish cleaning out my shed for the move, since tomorrow’s garbage day.  Why am I telling you all of this? Because, I’ve talked a few times here and there about moving but haven’t really gotten into it.

Well here it is.  Due to issues in my former life (i.e., my life pre-April of this year that I don’t talk about but it still exists) I have been left with some rather unruly credit card debt. While the details of why this debt exists and what happened to cause it aren’t necessary and won’t be discussed here, I will tell you this: it sucks.  It sucks the life out of you.  So… in September I had a sit down with the ‘rents and they offered to let me move back in. They gave me a deal I couldn’t refuse and it will help me straighten out my finances in about a year. It feels weird that I’m moving back in with my rents on the eve of my 30th birthday. 

So, again, why am I telling you all of this? Here’s why:

Every project I tell my mother I have to do, she has a similar one and says we can do them together. Me and my mom get along great – I just hope I don’t have to hide in my room with the door locked to get some alone time. (hehe, sorry mommy…) It will be fun though, to have someone to bake with and get crafty with – she already warned me that I better not mess up her kitchen though (does she know me?).  See the pic in my header of me and the  lady in matching shirts and Irish socks, yup that’s my mom.  She already told me we need to find Thanksgiving socks for the Turkey Trot. She’s lots of fun, but still a mom. 

I think my step-dad is thinking “Good lord, I’m never going to get any peace and quiet now.” … You see, I come as a package deal with my little Lexi baby, who LOVES my parents dog, and is always trying to play with him. Plus, I’m a little loud. Just a little though. Oh, and I’m always trying to rectify his eating and exercise habits… I can’t help it, it’s what I do. It’s a good thing he’s good at “losing himself” in his computer when he doesn’t want to listen to someone. (I’m digging all sorts of holes tonight)

Then there’s my brother – him and I butt heads a lot, but we also get along and agree a lot.  It should be interesting. Two things we do agree on, all the time: food and fitness. And for some reason he’s the only (human) male my dog isn’t afraid of.

So, stay tuned for what I’m sure is going to be an interesting year full of stories of 90 pound Zach versus 35 pound Lexi, tales of the rents, tales of a 30 year old living with the rest of her family, and more.  I’ll of course still write about all of my fitness adventures too, but the rest of this oughta make for some fun when my runs are just a bit too boring for everyone.

I’ve already dubbed Friday “Foodie Friday” – while my step-dad is out playing cards with his friends (he’s not as open to funky foods as me, mom, and bro) I’m going to subject my mom and brother to my cooking create delicious new meals for everyone to try. 

Strap on your seat belt and enjoy the silly/crazy/wild ride. And in all reality, I love my family, even if I do pick on them.  It’s going to be strange and interesting but I’m sure we’ll make it as fun as we can!

Disclaimer: If my family doesn’t lose weight they want to lose, or worse, gains weight, while I live there, it is not my fault.  I can’t stop baking- they need to learn self control. (Hehe, why do I feel I’m going to get myself into trouble with that statement?!) 


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