Taking Advantage of Excess Energy

14 Oct

I have been full of spunk since 5:10 a.m. Perhaps I was still riding the runner’s high of last night’s tempo miles? And now I’m using the excess energy that comes with an extra rest day? 

Day 1 of my 3 day taper and I have already gotten a lot done.  I….

baked for my foodie penpals package

…cleaned up my kitchen

…made lunch

…got ready for work

…packed up all my recipe folders, binders, stuffed animals, and some other miscellaneous stuff for the move (yes, I’m moving…)

…went to work and prepared for a two hour workers’ compensation claim review while multi-tasking all that other fun office manager stuff (Oh, to be working my dream job…I am, however, thankful that I have a job)

…didn’t fall asleep in aforementioned claim review, while managing constructive input and excellent note taking for future follow up (if I do say so myself)

…had enough energy to complete half of another (mindless) project at work (ah, I do love the occasional mindless project)

…came home and cleaned out a bunch of junk out of my kitchen while packing and cleaning

…finally sat down, gave myself a manicure and a pedicure while watching Dexter

Phew.  It’s amazing what you can do when you have extra energy because you didn’t run. All these speedy runs lately have my legs itching to go go go… and when they can’t, I need to occupy my mind and body or I’ll go crazy! 

Now I must go to bed. Tomorrow is my non-rest day of my three day taper.  I’ll start my day bright and early with some P90X X-Stretch before work and then a wicked fun night of packet pickup in Newport with one of my favorite friends and of course a fantastic Carb Friday dinner!

How was your Thursday? Anyone else as hyper as the crazy taper girl over here?

Don’t forget about my giveaway! Tomorrow is your last chance to enter.  I’ll pick a winner Saturday morning! 


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