My First Giveaway: Bendiful Watches

12 Oct

Good evening my darlings! Catchy title, huh?

Don’t know what a Bendiful watch is? Oh boy you are in for a treat! Here’s a brief description, for more visit where you can shop for watches (Free shipping through Saturday, October 15th!) and learn more about Renee, the founder of Bendiful.

Bendiful watches are funky and functional and great for a day at the office or a night out on the town. 

I was sent the Pink Square Black and Silver watch for my use/review.  I had just Tweeted a couple weeks prior to this giveaway opportunity that I was in love with this watch.  It’s so bold and, well, PINK! I love pink (right, like you didn’t know that!). 

These watches are so cleverly designed.  They slide on like a bracelet, but function like a watch.  Look closely – the beads are all held on by safety pins.  Talk about a totally different, great idea!

I’ve been wearing my watch for a week.  I love it.  It’s comfortable, it’s bold, it’s funky.  I’ve gotten compliments on it everywhere I wear it.  

What I really like about this watch is the durability. You know how some watches, after wearing them for a week, they already look worn out? The band, where your wrist hits your desk or keyboard or whatever, is scratched up, if it’s a metal band? Or if it’s a leather band, it’s worn from putting it on and taking it off already? Not a Bendiful watch.  I took the above pictures last night.  You’d never know I’d been wearing this watch for a week already.

The best part? The price. These watches go for $35 each. That is an incredible deal.  

Oh wait, there’s a couple of other really good parts too:

Bendiful creates custom watches! Contact them through their website if you are looking for a custom design. They offer a discount for 5 or more watches purchased at a time.

The other good thing?

You could win one! Right here! Bendiful sent me that beautiful pink watch for me to use and love, but they also sent me this beauty for one lucky reader:

This is the Aqua Rectangle watch.  Isn’t it adorable? The day I received these watches, this one matched the outfit I was wearing.  It was so hard to not want to keep them both for myself.  But, I can’t do that! This is a giveaway after all!

So, I know, get to the point already! How do I win a this watch?

Here’s how:
  1. “Like” Bendiful on Facebook or follow Bendiful on Twitter. (Required)
  2. Either be a follower of this blog or follow me on Twitter (@runcupcake). (Required)
  3. Tweet about this giveaway.  Something like: @runcupcake is hosting her first giveaway, an @Bendiful watch! Check it out here: (Optional)
  4. Like “Because I Can” on Facebook! (Optional)
Leave me a comment for each entry.  I’ll be picking a random winner Saturday morning!

Good luck! 



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