A Shock to the System

6 Oct

When did fall arrive? I’ve been drinking pumpkin coffee and eating pumpkin treats like they’re going out of style, but lately it hasn’t felt like fall. Until today. When I stepped out my front door for my run it was 62 degrees and 35% humidity. A runner’s dream come true, right?


My lungs did not want anything to do with that cool, humidity-less (yeah, I’m tired and couldn’t come up with a proper term…) air. But, I told them they must cooperate because I needed this tempo run, as a bit more of a confidence builder and because it’s my last opportunity to go fast before the big day. Coachy says I must take very, very good care of my legs between now and next Sunday so I can break through that 2-hour goal.

Tonight’s plan was to run a warm up, 4 miles at sub-9 mm or better, and a cool down – 6 miles total.

I said to Coachy this afternoon, “Consider this run DOMINATED.”

Apparently that was all the boost of confidence I needed (That and whining to Steph about how I was scared, but she assured me I have much more in me than I think, and she can’t wait to come pace me and make me run faster!)

Where on earth did that 8:35 mile come from? Holy crap. 

Now of course, in the spirit of honesty, this run comes with some explanation:

  • I stopped at 1.6 miles to catch my breath – I managed to keep the sub 9 pace while powering up a WICKED hill, and my lungs were on fire.
  • I stopped again at about 2.5 miles due to a stabbing side stitch. When I tried to breathe deep, it sent me into a coughing fit.  Told you the lungs weren’t happy.
    • These two things of course were bringing me down, mentally.
  • I got rid of the side stitch and powered on. Not before thinking that maybe I should cut the run short because things weren’t going well and no way I can do this for another 1.5 miles. 
    • I shut that down quickly – I was more than halfway there, I COULD FINISH. 
  • I had to stop at 3.9 miles to cross a very busy intersection, so busy it allowed me to completely regain my composure and breath.
  • Which is probably why I was able to power through and run an 8:35 final mile.
    • This mile was HARD. My legs were tired. My lungs were burning. My brain was going crazy on me – I think threatening to trip me or something to that extent…
    • I told it to STFU and I pushed.  At 4.75 miles I said, “Only 1/4 mile left, push, run, give it everything you have to finish strong.” This may have been out loud, that could be why the guy walking down the road looked at me crazy.
    • So I pushed, and I panted, and I let out the hugest sigh of relief when my Garmin beeped at Mile 5. 
  • And then I walked the final almost mile – I was DONE.
I am on such a runner’s high right now – it’s fabulous.

I feel great. 

I feel confident. 

I feel happy. 

And most importantly, I feel proud.  Proud that I didn’t quit.  Proud that I gave it everything I had to not only just run sub 9mm, but to destroy them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pass out.

One Response to “A Shock to the System”

  1. Lesley @ racingitoff.com October 6, 2011 at 3:51 am #

    You totally rocked it. Way to go!

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