Monday Monday

4 Oct

Happy Monday my friends! Are you ready for another edition of what I am loving this Monday? It’s a good one!

1)  Three packages of goodies were delivered today! THREE! 

          A new book. I don’t know when I’ll actually get to read it, I buy books like crazy, but don’t read that fast.  I typically read before bed, so you know how this story is going to end right? 5 minutes into the book and I’m asleep. The best time for me to read is when I’m on an airplane.  Perhaps I need to fly more?

          A surprise that you’ll all find out about next week (hehe – sorry for the suspense! Trust me, it’s worth it…
        And, the third delivery was another item that I am loving on this Monday:
2)  A wicked cute cover for my new phone: I am a cell phone disaster. I’ve had this one for 2 weeks and it has already hit the ground – hence the hard plastic case, I’m glad they come in such cute designs. 

3) Green smoothies: I was extremely skeptical when it came to putting spinach in my smoothies. After asking about it on Twitter, I got several responses that told me I wouldn’t be able to taste it.  What a difference – I’m getting a big dose of veggies in the morning, I’m getting my iron, and I feel more energized! The best part is – I really can’t taste the spinach! I’m glad I tried it.
4) The HUGE support I’m getting from all of you with yesterday’s big half-marathon goal announcement.  If you missed it, see yesterday’s post, The Confidence Builder. You guys are great, really great, and I appreciate all of your comments and compliments and supportive words.
5) Running 6-miles the day after I ran 10-miles. It was hard, my legs were pissed, I wanted to quit – I could’ve easily cut it off at 4-miles.  But I didn’t – I ran all six, see:
6) Early morning workouts. I got so much done tonight between 5:30 and 9 before sitting down to write. Like so. much. It’s amazing what getting your workout done in the morning does for you – as long as I don’t sit down when I get home from work, like last night, when I got home from the farm…I sat down for 5 minutes and it turned into a passed out cold nap. I don’t even know how long I was out!
So you know the drill, what are you guys loving this Monday?! 


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