I’m So Excited

1 Oct

Good afternoon and Happy Saturday!!!!

What’s got me so pumped up this afternoon? Well let me tell you!

First off – it’s Saturday, that’s a given. I love Saturday. Today is an extra good Saturday because I didn’t have to work. I think I’ve mentioned that I have to work at my grandparents farm on the weekends in September and October? Well if I haven’t, now you know.  I was not looking forward to 6 weeks without a day off – but today I got lucky, because it is once again raining here in Seattle East (my new name for Rhode Island – the rain has been incessant lately).

Since I didn’t have to work I set the tone for my day right and got all my errands done before 12:30, and I’m now sitting down a nice big salad and a few minutes of rest before I get back to work. Side note: Don’t you love being able to get your recommended daily allowance of veggies in one meal? I know you make salads as big as I do:

Salad the size of my head = Happy Tummy

I’m also excited because I ran last night, for the first time in four days, and did not have any foot pain and I managed to just eek over 100 miles for September, for the 7th month in a row!

That successful run also means I’m clear to run 10 miles tomorrow, my second to last long(ish) run before the Amica Half Marathon.

I’m also excited about tomorrow’s run because I have a virtual rundate! It all started a couple weeks ago – between Jess talking about her thoughts on 26.2, me and Angela talking about how we’re addicted to 26.2 (she also wrote an entire post about how these virtual rundates came to be), and of course Stephanie, who’s 75% of the way through training for her first marathon.

Rundate conversation #2 went a little like this:

Steph will be joining us from her elliptical machine as she recovers from an awesome successful 15-miler today.  We also recruited Jolene (her and Jess are sisters – and adorable and awesome and I heart them both):

And Coachy:

6 people, 4 states, one virtual run date.  Anyone else want to join in? Shout out to us on Twitter and let us know!

The icing on the cake that is all of this excitement is my new shirt:

One of my favorite sayings

Phew, that’s a lot of excitement for one day.

Hope everyone else is having an equally exciting weekend!


One Response to “I’m So Excited”

  1. mypinkytoes October 2, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    It was a great virtual rundate! When's the next one?! 🙂

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