Foodie Penpals – September (and First) Edition

1 Oct

Back the truck up – what is this Foodie Penpals I speak of?

You mean you don’t know? Well you should.  To find out more, visit Lindsay’s Blog (The Lean Green Bean) and think about signing up. You won’t regret it, I promise. You have until the 4th to decide if you want to join in the fun!

I am lucky that I got my September Foodie Penpals package from the brains behind this operation, Lindsay (yes, the same Lindsay mentioned above!!!!).

The moment that box arrived on my door step I couldn’t wait to open it! So much so that unlike other posts I have read today, I didn’t take a picture of the box! Or her note…wow, what a slacker.  I guess I was really psyched about the food.

The goods:

Look at that pile of goodies! 
One way to my heart stomach is through cooking magazines.

The salsa, jam, and chili mix are all made in Ohio, where Lindsay is from:

I finally cracked this open tonight – it has 4 ingredients, and you can taste each one in each bite, it’s DELICIOUS! 
I haven’t tried this yet, only because I have a jar of strawberry jam in my fridge.  I’m itching too though – who doesn’t like homemade jam?!?!?!
Indian Summer in Lil’ Rhody = too warm for chili.  I want it to get cooler so I can cook this yummy stuff up!!!!

The granola cupcakes (as I’m calling them – it looks like she made them in mini-cupcake pans, such a great idea!!!!) are DELICIOUS! I can’t believe I still have a couple left, because every time I eat one, I can’t stop – yeah, they’re that good.

Holy good.  Lindsay – I know you told me what’s in them, but can you pretty please share your recipe???? Please????

Lindsay obviously knows my obsession:

Did you see the pile of Reese’s cups in the first picture – OMG YUM! I love anything peanut butter.  The almond butter was different, and good.  But, I’m a purist, I’ll never give up my true love – peanut butter.

And my other obsession (yeah, there’s a lot more – I have an obsessive personality – is there such a thing?):

I’ve made recipes from all of these already.  And I’m subscribing to Cooking Light – it’s fantastic! Apparently I’m really excited about these magazines because I put them in this post twice… hehe, whoops. I’m leaving this like this because I’m amused …at myself…

Thank you Lindsay, so much, for everything! This has been so fun.  I can’t wait to see who I’m paired up with – both to send and receive – in October!

If you want to read everyone else’s posts, head on over to Laura’s blog (Becoming the Odd Duck) because she was awesome enough to list every blogger that participated in September’s Foodie Penpals exchange.

Now doesn’t this just make you want to join us?!  I hope so!


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