Why Not Running is Good For Me

29 Sep

On Sunday I announced that I am taking a week off of running. It’s been three days without running and I’m realizing that not running is actually not so bad. Weird, right?

Here’s why:

Different workouts

Since Saturday I have found muscles I didn’t know existed – like my obliques.  Where did those come from? They were sore for 2 days after working them on Saturday.

I rode 20 miles on a stationery bike, burning up my quads, then maxed them out with a lower body workout the next day.  And today, they are SORE (so are my hamstrings, my body now needs a good stretch).

Actually using my gym membership

Every month I see a direct debit to Planet Fitness come out of my bank account. And every month (except for the winter months) I look at it as such a waste of money.

I’ve gone twice this week. And I plan on going at least once a week from here on out for strength training.  After my lower body workout yesterday I realized one important thing – I can run far, I can sometimes run fast, but my legs are still not as strong as they could be. And as for my upper body, well that needs help. I can’t even do more than about 6 regular push ups in a row.

Giving my legs a break from the constant beating

I’ve run 11 races this year.  I’ve run over 700 miles. My legs have been taking a constant beating for months.

They’re going back to their regularly scheduled beating on Monday (I hope, my foot feels good right now, knock on wood). I have more races to run – a half and two more 5k’s this year. At least two marathons, and three 5k’s that I know of so far next year.

A break is good.


More on this later, but taking a few days off of running has really shifted my focus.  Focus on my training, focus on what I need to be doing, focus on making myself stronger, not just while running.

These past few days have been very reflective for me, I’m taking my inability to run to reflect, focus, and regroup.

It’s all going to be great.  Big things are bound to will happen. 


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