The Return of Monday Love

27 Sep

I haven’t done one of these since Labor Day! This is what I’m loving here on this Monday:

Indian Summer

Look at that forecast:

It has been like this since Saturday.  The humidity levels have been reminiscent of Mid-August.  And while all the fall lovers out there are whining and complaining about it, I’m loving every second of it. I love fall too, but nothing beats summer for me.

Planet Fitness

More specifically, the Planet Fitness Black Card Membership.  With this membership I can go to any of the Planet Fitness locations nationwide! I can go to my home club with my parents when they go, I can go to the one 8 miles from my house on weekends, and I can go to the one on my way home from work during the week.  It makes having an excuse to skip the gym really hard – which is good for me, because as much as I love being fit, I HATE the gym.  I’d rather workout at home or run, outside, but I don’t always have that option.  So when I have to – it really helps that Planet Fitness is there for me, conveniently.  There’s even 7 locations here in Rhode Island – that’s a lot for a state that only has 32 towns/cities!

A good old-fashioned sweat fest…

Holy cow – today’s workout was a beast.  Since I’m not running this week, and my foot pain (although it’s not really pain anymore, just minor discomfort) showed itself a few times today, I took to the stationery bike.

Crazy right? I rode 20.40 miles in an hour. I was sweating SO BAD that I had to constantly wipe my forehead to keep it from dripping in my eyes and it looked like I peed myself when I stood up.  Now that is a real workout. I’m glad I got my sweat on like that tonight, made me not miss my usual run so much.

10 Pound Slimdown

I’ve only done two of the videos so far, but I plan on doing the Lower Body and Yoga tomorrow morning (45 minutes total).  My obliques are still sore from the core video the other day.  I’m totally loving it. I can’t wait to implement these more.

Well I’m only doing 4 tonight because I have to go to bed and at least get my 7 hours!

Goodnight everyone!

Tell me, what are you loving today?


One Response to “The Return of Monday Love”

  1. Jennifer - Somewhere In Between September 27, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    I am loving your love of Planet Fitness!! I've been a PF aficionado for the last 5 1/2 years and love it!!

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