A Hard Decision to Make

26 Sep

When I woke up this morning my right foot pain seemed to have disappeared, so I decided I would run.  Not the 10 I had originally planned, just in case, but something between 4-6 depending on where I went.

I ended up with 4.5, but at 4 miles the foot pain reappeared. Well, crap.

It was a good run too – I forced myself to take it WAY slow. 10:26 average pace, and I had to force myself to go that slow. So that is the good news. My speed and endurance have begun to improve greatly.

But this darn foot. If you walked into my living room right now this is what you’d see

Rest, ice, elevate – did the compression earlier today
She’s got the rest part down to a science

A decision had to be made.  Try to run 6 miles in the morning or not? Risk the foot pain again? Or let the foot heal.

I really really wanted to ignore all common sense and get ready for my typical 6 mile morning run. After chatting with Coachy, and really thinking about it, the hard decision was made.

Take a week off of running. *gulp* Really?

Yes.  I am not going to run this week.  I’m going to make friends with the stationary bike and the elliptical machine instead. And on the other days I’m going to focus on yoga and stretching.  I have hopes that this will cure my foot ailments and I’ll be able to run again next week.  Only 21 days left until the Amica Half Marathon!

 For now I’m going to concentrate on sleep – Marathon #2 really took it out of me, I’ve been sleeping tons and really just needing lots of rest.  At 9 on a Sunday my eyes are closing, so I’m going to call it an early night and hope I can heal up and recover fast.

Wish me luck my friends!

Have you ever been fully exhausted for a whole week from a race? What did you do?


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