A Total Sweatfest

24 Sep

I woke up this morning full of energy – must’ve been the rest day and 9 more hours of sleep! I decided it’d be the perfect time to tackle a new workout. On Wednesday, Courtney wrote about a new workout challenge that she was starting, the 10 Pound Slimdown Extreme Challenge from Exercise TV.  You can read all about it on her post.

I can’t commit to a workout program like that because running is my top priority. I commit 2 days a week to non-running activities, this workout program requires 6 days a week.  I asked her where I could get my hands on some of the videos and she directed me to the Exercise TV site, where you can download the original 10 Pound Slimdown Videos, which I did.

This morning I was scheduled to work abs and upper body.  Naturally I wanted to try my new videos! I did the 10 Pound Slimdown Upper Body and Core Videos. Talk about a total sweatfest!

I did the core video first.  My abs were BURNING when I was done. Chris Freytag is an awesome trainer – she’s perky, easy to follow, and extremely motivating. She makes you not want to quit, even when you’re shaking and burning and there’s sweat dripping in your eyes. I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow, I just know it.

Then I did the upper body video.  My arms are like Jell-o right now, and I love it.

These two workouts combined took 45 minutes.  When I was finished I was winded, my heart was racing, and I was dripping with sweat.  That is some serious business. I’m so glad Courtney introduced me to these workouts.  I can’t wait to try the rest of them: Yoga, Lower Body, and Total Body Blast.

While I was already riding high on those workouts this morning, another thing happened that totally made my day.

I dug deep into my dresser for a pair of “work” jeans (I have to go work at my grandparents farm).  I haven’t worn these jeans since last fall, and they were snug.  When I put them on this morning they pulled up, buttoned, and zipped with no problem.

Life is good my friends.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

What was the last awesome workout you had? Has anything really exciting happened to you lately?


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