On the Road to Recovery

22 Sep

By the end of Marathon #2 my body was feeling quite beat up.

Standing from sitting was difficult. I literally found a patch of grass at the end of the race and laid down. Then I got up and got my free beer. Then I laid down again. Drinking while laying down is hard to do, in case you were wondering.

Walking was wobbly, at best, and it sure wasn’t easy. I’m pretty sure I asked Tim and Jim to carry me back to the car – and they laughed at me. They were feeling just as awesome as I was.

My legs were wondering why the hell I just did that to them, again.

By the end of Saturday my legs were feeling better (I’ll attribute that to the beers and shots though – especially given my choice of 4″, pointed toe, knee high boots as post-marathon foot wear – a girls gotta look good after looking like hell for 5 1/2 hours!).

I was feeling a bit stiff on Sunday, but nothing terrible.

One thing I noticed after this race is that I felt a helluva lot worse than I did after my first.  My theory: Mad Marathon I ran/walked a steady, slow race due to all of the hills. USAF Marathon I ran my butt off for the first 15 miles and my hip hit the wall.  The rest of me hit it not too much longer after.

So needless to say I’m taking recovery slowly.  I have pain on the outside of my right foot – so much on my body was sore by the end of the race that I honestly don’t know what I did to it.  Did I twist it running? Did I twist it while I was out celebrating Saturday night in my crazy boots? Who knows.

My legs were still rebelling Sunday.  Sitting in an airplane for 2 hours made them very unhappy. I felt like I had restless leg syndrome, but all they really wanted to do was be stretched out. My laptop bag takes up the entire underneath of the seat in front of me on an airplane, and my neighbor to the left was less than kind about her leg placement, so I suffered.

When I woke up Monday morning things felt better, but the foot was still a bit gimpy.  So, I took another rest day. Even though I’m not currently training for another marathon (and I wasn’t thinking about another half so soon either), I know mentally that I cannot deal with a serious injury.  I’ve worked too hard to build the level of fitness that I’m at now, and I do not want to lose it.

Yesterday morning the foot felt about 65% better.  I made the decision to rest it for one more day.

Three rest days in a row is crazy talk in my book. CAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRAAAAAAZAAAAY TALK. I was feeling so lazy by the end of yesterday, I just knew I had to do something. Even if it was just a little something.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “You just ran a marathon, and you feel LAZY? Psshht, shut up girl.”


Maybe not, but it’s my brain.  If I’m not working out at least 5, 6, 7 days a week, I feel like a big ol’ lazy blob. It’s a flaw, to an extent.

My first thought for tonight was hit the gym and go play with Eli.  He’s my go to friend when I need to get the blood pumping through my legs without pounding the pavement. Then I looked at the forecast for the rest of the week: rain, rain, and oh, guess what, MORE RAIN. Today was sunny and in the 70’s.

So I laced up a pair of old running shoes (ones that give me shin splints, so I wouldn’t be tempted to run) and went for a walk. A helluva walk if you ask me:

Then I came home and did Yoga Sculpt – holy, I know I’ve talked about this video before but I can’t say enough about it.

1/2 hour worth of sweat producing, muscle shaking, core strengthening, muscle stretching, awesomeness.

For $2.99, buy it.  And no, I don’t work for Exercise TV, they didn’t give me the video to review, I just like it THAT MUCH.

I’m feeling awesome, but tired right now.  I think I’ll go pay a visit to Eli tomorrow night.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a run in this weekend, but if not, definitely Monday.  I have a plan for a new training schedule for the next few weeks due to a crazy work schedule. It involves an easy week, a ramp up week, a taper week with a half, and then … it’s SPEEDWORK TIME! 5k season is coming up for me – I have one in November and one in December. It’s going to feel nice to concentrate on speed versus distance for awhile. I’ll still run longish (10’s or so) on weekends, to keep up the endurance and my monthly mileage, of course.

Okay, I wrote you guys another book.  I hope you like to read as much as I like to write. Have a great night friends!


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