Guest Post – Can We Talk Her Into It?

17 Sep

While I’m out running my legs off at the US Air Force Marathon, Jess from Eat Drink Breathe Sweat was so awesome to write a guest post for me! Check out what she thoughts she has on running a marathon!


So, I’m a relatively new Running and Cupcakes Because I Canreader but for some reason, I kind of view Samantha as one of those blogfriends I should have known MUCH sooner than now. She and I are very similar inour style and obviously our love of running and all things fitness rival oneanother. So when she asked me to write a guest post for her while she’smarathoning away today (GO SAMANTHA!!), I was totally honored and ready for thechallenge.
One of the big things that inspires me about Samantha is howshe got into running and is now a marathoning fiend!  She is nothing short of amazing – and herstory is pretty similar to mine in that I NEVER ever considered running untilprobably 4-5 years ago. I used to say “Oh, I’m just not built to run” or“running is not my thing” when in reality, it always, always, always intriguedme. I was just afraid to fail so I avoided it. Until one day, I finally bit thebullet and started running. Slowly at first. Not very far at all. Usually withmy husband by my side (he makes a great running coach fyi). And over time, Igrew to LOVE running. I loved it because it was hard. It always left mebreathless. It made me feel alive though, in a way that I’ve never feltbefore…and I was hooked.
And up until now, I’ve been totally satisfied running 5ks,5-milers (we run one every Thanksgivingday and LOVE it), and half marathons (oddly, I’ve never run a 10k, gofigure). I now have two half marathons under my belt. The first one was a testof my mental strength more than physical. While I got through that firsthalf marathon, I definitely didn’t walk away from it feeling as proud as Icould have been. I hit a wall about halfway through and never quite recovered.And while I *did* cross that finish line, all 13.1 miles later, I knew thenthat I could do better. I just didn’t know when or how I’d improve.
However, this past August, I ran my second half marathon andkilled it. Not just time-wise (I PR’d this race, 13 mins faster than the firstone!), but more importantly, the way I felt both during and after that race wasSO different. I feltproud. I ran a race I could be proud of. That was my #1 goal when I signedup for this particular half and was thrilled when I actually met that goal (thePR was just a nice side effect, hehe).
So why am I telling you all of this?
Wellllll. Samantha has me thinking crazy thoughts.
Crazy full marathon thoughts.
All I can think about is: 26.2, really???
Could I ever, ever, ever run all 26.2 miles?
I mean, I am pretty sure I could do it, but could I run all26.2 miles proudly?  
Because that would still be my goal (other than um, finishing, that is) – torun 26.2 proud.
So, as I continue my half marathon ways with my third halfmarathon coming up on Oct 23, which I’m EXCITED to run and hopefully PR(again!). I’m really excited to run another 13.1 proud.
…but I can’t help but thinking…26.2.
So this is my plea to you, all of you Because I Can readers– talk me out of it?? Or into it, as the case may be. I’ll be waiting for yourresponses. 😉 

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