Oh So Hungry! (A Long Story, Advice Needed!)

12 Sep

It is not news that I’m currently tapering. I’ve pretty much been whining talking about it all the time lately. I don’t know why this taper is so different than the last one, but it just is, and not for the better.

With this taper I have insatiable hunger.  I’m trying to consume normal, rather than training calories, this week up until about Thursday, because I wont be burning near as many calories as I normally do. And I know my metabolism, if I don’t burn the calories, they stick around in unfortunate places.

I started my day with YogaWorks Body Slim DVD.  I can’t say enough of about this DVD – It works you hard, you will sweat, and you will be out of breath, and you will feel the burn.  Apparently you don’t feel the calorie burn though.  According to SparkPeople – the amount of calories burned for someone my weight doing 50 minutes of power yoga is 226.  Say what? That’s it?

That’s okay because I started my morning off with something that is definitely going to become a regular staple in my breakfast diet, and it’s super healthy – Tina’s Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie. This was so thick, delicious, and filling…until 10:30 rolled around. (By the way – SERIOUSLY – make this smoothie. You won’t be sorry, I promise.)

I normally eat my mid-morning snack around 10:30 anyway, but when I’m working out hard, it’s normally a second breakfast, like a bowl of cereal, oatmeal, or whole wheat toast. I decided on grapes today, again so that I don’t overdo it in the calorie department.

I was STARVING by 11:30.  I guess when your body is used to being filled up with a certain amount of calories by a certain time you can’t just give it the old switcharoo now can you?

I managed to hold off until noon, but then dug RIGHT in to my salad I had prepared last night.  And no, I didn’t take any pictures of my food today, which worked out just fine because I forgot my memory card in my computer at home and didn’t realize it until tonight anyway.

Lesson learned in the salad today – keep your grilled asparagus in a separate container until ready to eat the whole salad, it funkified the whole thing, but it was still edible.

I didn’t feel satisfied after that, so I dug into two of these adorable little granola circles that I have.  More on those later.  Salad + two granola circles = happy tummy. YAY!

That managed to hold me until 3:30 – success! Then I had an apple with peanut butter and finished off yet another jar of peanut butter.  My fave store Target also happened to have cans of Libby’s pumpkin – soooooooooo, tonight I prepare attempt #2 at pumpkin pie overnight oats.  Wish me luck.

When I got home I immediately started prepping my first attempt at gluten free baking.  More on that later too.  Sorry for being so secretive tonight! I didn’t realize until my goodies were in the oven that I was HUNGRY again.

I made myself tacos.  And I ate 4 of them while writing this.  Ooooops.  Good thing I have a couple of hours to digest before bed. And I’m running my second to last taper run tomorrow!

So help me out all your smart nutrition experty people:

Am I doing this right? Or should I continue this week on my normal eating habits because I need fuel for Saturday?  Anyone else have experience with this?  What did you do?


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