Monday Love Labor Day Edition (Day 12)

5 Sep

Good afternoon and Happy Labor Day! Welcome to the Labor Day Edition of what I love this Monday!

We’ll start with LONG WEEKENDS! Who doesn’t love a long weekend? I love this time of year because there are so many holidays – which means lots of long weekends coming our way! Plus I just love the holidays – everything from Halloween to Christmas makes me happy! (My birthday’s in there too – don’t forget, teeheehee).

Next on the agenda: Hiking. I love hiking. Long, short, hard, easy, it doesn’t matter.  Today I went on a two mile hike with my brother and a friend of his. It was steep! We climbed 448 feet in those 2 miles! It was so worth it though – beautiful views at the top.

Which brings me to: Endurance. Yup, I love endurance.  Why do I love endurance? Because I went on that same hike last year, in early March, before I started running and it was HARD.  Today? I felt it mostly in my tired worn out legs. I was winded while climbing (and at that only on the really steep sections), but recovered in seconds. YAY for endurance! YAY for being in good shape!

And then there’s: Random mid-day pizza and beer lunches. Oh yeah, this was sooooooo good after that hike. Plus, it’s always good to spend time with my lil’ bro.

Lets not forget: Night time in the fall. I have not had a bad night’s sleep in the past few nights.  I swear it’s because the fall evenings are so cool and crisp, and yet while it isn’t technically fall yet, it sure feels like it here!

And finally: Having that gym membership, because it looks like my morning runs are going to be wet this week, and a wet run at 5 a.m. is not my ideal way of starting a work day!

I hope everyone had a great long Labor Day Weekend! What are you loving today?

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