The Long Run that Wasn’t (Day 13)

4 Sep

Today I was scheduled to run 20 miles.  Today I ran 9.75 miles.

What happened now? To be quite honest, I really wasn’t feeling it the entire run.

Could it be the 6 miles I ran yesterday?

Could it be my 130 mile August?

Whatever it is, my legs were less than pleased with me today. Normally when the legs aren’t feeling too hot at the beginning of a run, they loosen up and everything works itself out.  Not today.

With Marathon #2 officially less than 2 weeks away, pushing myself through a run with sore legs would have been a bad idea.  My shins hurt, my arches hurt.  I stopped two or three times along the way and stretched, and nothing helped.

I returned home from my first loop and realized that I knew I couldn’t go on.  So I threw in the towel.

I did return from this run with good news, too.  My goal pace today was to stay under 11 mm, not by much, just stay under it, which would put me about 40 seconds or so slower than race pace.  I checked my watch so many times during this run because I truly felt like I was crawling. Well, I wasn’t!

I couldn’t believe the pace I was averaging, because I wasn’t winded at all.  My breathing was spot on the entire run! Well, at least my lungs are getting stronger!

I have a pretty good plan in my head to keep me going strong through taper and Marathon #2.  It involves lots of stretching! A friend also recommended that I pick up marbles with my toes to help strengthen my arches, so I think I’m going to pick up a bag of marbles today. I need all the arch strength I can get!

I hope everyone is enjoying your long weekend so far!! I just got invited to go hiking tomorrow morning with my brother, excellent cross training!


3 Responses to “The Long Run that Wasn’t (Day 13)”

  1. Stephanie September 4, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    congrats on the pace! i am soo glad you are wise enough to listen to your body so you can rock in on race day 😉

  2. eatdrinkbreathesweat September 5, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    SO glad you listened to your body and didn't overdo it with two weeks before your race! Smart, smart, move!

  3. RunCupcake September 5, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Thanks ladies! Sometimes it's hard, because I feel like I'm slacking! But I try to reflect on last month being so big, and knowing I can do this, I just need to maintain now.

    Legs are TIRED still, so glad I stopped!

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