I’m a Busy Bee

4 Sep

Wow I have been busy! Nothing terribly exciting or earth shattering, just busy.

I wanted to post last night, but I was too tired to form a coherent sentence, and to be quite honest, didn’t feel terribly excited about anything to write about it anyway.

Luckily all this busy-ness came with fun things to take pictures of, so tonight you get a mostly wordless post, with lots of pretty pictures.  I need to kick back and relax, early morning for 20 miles tomorrow!

My first professional football game
Yeah, we’re important hehe
Is he REALLY that tall?
Who doesn’t love beer in a mason jar?

Recipe to follow…

My first polo match

Stomping divets

And with that I bid you goodnight, Im up for my final peak week run, final Marathon #2 LONG run!



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