My Love/Hate Relationship with Marathon Training (Day 23)

25 Aug

Training for a marathon is like being in an extremely intense relationship – with your legs.

No word of a lie – I woke up at 4:47 this morning dreaming of being on the elliptical trainer.  Think my legs are trying to tell me something? This brings “listen to your body” to a whole new level. I mean really, who dreams of ellipticalling (new word?)? WTH is wrong with me?  It didn’t take me anytime to realize why I was dreaming of the elliptical versus another 5 a.m. run.  Yesterday I was exhausted after two days of 5 a.m. runs in a row.  I didn’t get enough sleep the night before both workouts AND I chose this week to cut back on my caffeine intake. Well, duh. That and I’ve already run 95 miles this month.  August is setting up to be my biggest month ever, which makes sense as I am peaking (3 weeks away!) for Marathon #2.

SIDE NOTE: In case you missed Marathon #1 – You can read all about it here in Part 1 and Part 2 (The Race Report).  If reading isn’t your thing (um, what are you doing here in that case?) you can just relive it through pretty pictures.

What was I to do but listen to the legs (and the weird dream)? Right? I reset my alarm and went back to sleep until 6:30 and boy oh boy did it feel good. Now I have to go the gym tonight and get my butt on the elliptical,but the extra sleep was worth it.  I hope my legs thank me, I’m doing them a favor.

I know the rest of my body is thanking me because I quit trying to cut back on caffeine.  I feel human today, not like some chair dwelling, phone answering, paperwork shuffling zombie, like I felt yesterday.

So the crazy dream and my revolting legs got me to thinking – I really do have a love/hate relationship with marathon training.

Things I Love

100+ Mile Months
Runner’s high
Speed workouts
Eating large quantities of carbs everything (Hellooooooooo Carb Friday!) 
That feeling that you get 18 miles into a 20 mile run (no, not the pain – the other feeling!)
Powering up that hill that used to be daunting
Knowing how I’m going to feel when I cross that 26.2 finish line – it’s indescribable.
How my body looks and feels

Things I Don’t Love

5 a.m. wakeup calls on the weekend to make sure you get the long run in before it’s too hot out
Running takes precedence over all other workouts – I miss yoga
Heavy/tired legs
Having no life because of above mentioned 5 a.m. weekend wake up call
Ice baths (and forgetting to buy my ice and having to call my mom every time) 
4 hours worth of non-race running – who does that?! 
Being too embarrassed to get a pedicure because my feet (especially my toenails) look AWFUL

In other news, today I am featured in a segment on Cook Train Eat Race called Athlete’s Plate by the Athletes.  Check it out!!!! I’m feeling famous! It’s a great segment not only because you get to see what real life athlete’s are eating, but Jason takes the time to offer vegetarian options of many of the dishes for those that don’t eat meat.

What do you love/hate about your current training plan? 


One Response to “My Love/Hate Relationship with Marathon Training (Day 23)”

  1. eatdrinkbreathesweat August 26, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    I find it hilarious that it took you dreaming of the elliptical for you to realize that your body was trying to tell you something, like REALLY trying to tell you something, even in your dreams. That is so funny…but awesome that you listened. Holy cow – 95 miles so far this month, you are my running idol!!! a full marathon intrigues me but also scares the pants off of me…how did you get the guts up to sign up for your first, and now your second one?? Do tell.

    Ps. what I love about half marathon training is just getting out there and killing those miles and feeling SO GOOD after, such a huge runner's high, it's the best. I'm excited to be continuing my training for my third half in Oct (just ran my second one two weeks ago). I'm getting the half marathon bug, I think. Uh oh. 😉

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