Saturday Morning Workout Mashup (Day 28)

20 Aug

I woke up this morning not knowing what I wanted to do for a workout, knowing it could be anything but running. I also knew I needed some yoga, but I wasn’t in the mood for a structured video workout.

So I did a little bit of everything! My hour long workout consisted of:

  • 25 Minute Dog Walk
  • 10 Minutes of Yoga from article called “6 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Running
    • This article doesn’t tell you how long to hold the poses for, it just says the entire workout should take 10 minutes.  I held each pose for 15 seconds, and it took 10 minutes. Side note on this one, the second set of 3 poses requires balance, which I do not have.  I tipped, toppled, and almost fell over a few times.  I realized if I just did each pose seperately instead of trying to flow from one to the other it was easier, and still got the job done.  I gotta work on that balance!
  • 15 Minutes of Yoga from iYogaLife: “The 10 Best Poses for Runners
    • Same deal here as above.  It tells you to hold the poses for a certain amount of breaths, but 15 seconds per pose worked better for me.
  • 10 Minutes of strength training:
    • 25 sit ups
    • 20 push ups (on knees)
    • 2 planks
      • 1 for ONE WHOLE MINUTE!
      • 1 for 43 seconds (I was so close to a minute for that second one too but my arms gave out!)
One hour Saturday morning workout complete! 
It feels great to have that done and out of the way long before noon on a Saturday.  Now it’s time to get some stuff done around the house before heading out tonight with my friend Sara.  We’re checking out a new tavern near her house, after a scenic hike.  Can’t wait!
What are your plans for today? Did you get your workout in already?

P.S. Check out my About Me page! Stay tuned for more new pages coming soon!

One Response to “Saturday Morning Workout Mashup (Day 28)”

  1. Surfing Vol August 20, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    Start doing side planks!

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