Damn You Mother Nature (And so much more…)

15 Aug

I’m not joking when I say that I think Mother Nature has a personal vendetta against me, and long Sunday runs. On the schedule for today: 16.  Accomplished today: 8.  All I can say is at least I tried. But there’s actually more than that to the story…

Up with the birds (literally) at 6 a.m. Coffee and the almost usual breakfast – pb/honey toast, unfortunately I ran out of bananas.  When I woke up and looked out the window, the sky looked slightly pink, so I took it as a good sign, YAY the sun’s coming up. Right? Wrongo. 
I no sooner sat down to eat my breakfast when it started RAINING. It was last Sunday all over again – I mean, total deja vu. I got dressed anyway, and had no sooner resorted to going to the gym for hours on all the cardio machines I could get on, when the rain let up.
Well, screw you Mother Nature, I’m getting my run in.  4 four-mile loops around the neighborhood would suffice, just in case there were thunderstorms (forecasted, never happened) or monsoon like rain (that happens way more often than I’d like).
Loop one went well – I was wet, but I stuck to pace (sub 10mm) and cranked the 4 miles out. I came home, dried off, downed some water and sport beans, and hit the road again.
4.5 miles in I’m stopped DEAD in my tracks by ankle pain.  Yesterday my left ankle felt tweaky after my run – I thought it was the trail shoes on asphalt combination. This morning it felt fine so I had forgotten about it. I walked hobbled around for a minute, and the ankle came back to life so I continued on my wet journey.  Nothing too exciting happened in these 4 miles either, except the rain picked back up.  And, my legs were pissed at me.  It took all I had to push through the last mile. Literally. I hit seven miles and slowed way down for a minute.  Then I said, out loud, “What am I doing?” and picked back up to pace.  I wasn’t going to let tired legs trash me out for one more stinkin mile.
I negotiated with myself – make 7.5 miles, use the rest as a cool down.  But then I thought, if I can run 7.5, why can’t I run 8? I can.  Make 8, then use whatever distance is left as a cool down (which turned out to be almost exactly 1/2 mile). So, 8 miles in 1:19:21 (9:54 avg pace). 
Well I got half of my long run in.  Damn.  Between the rain and the angry legs I wasn’t ready to try for anymore. I’m not sure if it’s the drastic mileage increase (41.35 miles in 7 days) or the trail shoes on the road – but my legs weren’t happy with me.  Sore shins, sore knees, tired, feeling heavy… I didn’t want to push it.  I have 3 more opportunities to get my long runs in before Marathon #2 – I’m not worried that I’ll do it.  
Speaking of miles… 9.21 miles until I hit my first 1000 miles! That’s going to happen this week! This calls for a celebration! Beer? Jack Daniel’s? Pizza? Mac & Cheese? All of the above?!
Most of the rest of the day was consumed with my butt being planted on the couch – what is it about rainy days, they drain my energy and motivation completely.
I did manage to finish cleaning the downstairs of my house (I started yesterday), which included vacuuming up the dog.  Or, the massive amounts of hair she leaves all over my house. Good thing she’s cute.
When I finished, I realized something very important and prominent in my life was missing. My shadow (aka Lexi) was nowhere to be found.
Hmm… that blanket is suspiciously vacant…
This is particularly strange to me, because she really is a shadow.  Everywhere I go, she goes. She follows me into the bathroom. I go outside, she goes outside. I sit on the couch, she sits on the couch.  I’m never anywhere (when I’m home) without my little sidekick.  So, where the hell did she go?
Mom what IS that thing? I’m scared!
Oh, well, if you didn’t leave so much hair everywhere maybe I wouldn’t have to vacuum? (Or at least vacuum so much)(Okay that last statement is a lie – I don’t vacuum near as much as I probably should considering I have a furbaby).
She was scared half to death.  I brought her downstairs, she ran back up.  I had to put a baby gate up so she wouldn’t go back upstairs – poor little kid! If only dogs didn’t shed…
Then I tried to nap – but my neighbors suck, and were being ridiculously obnoxious.  So I did the next best thing…
First I took a tour through my cabinets and found lots of recipe “base” items:
Where did half of this stuff come from?
These tomatoes need to be used, STAT. 
I planned my grocery list/meals for the week with a little help, and managed to find recipes using the pasta, tomatoes, spinach, green chiles, lentils, and rice.  I’ll use the oats, raisins and cranberries for breakfast. 
Okay well the Marshall Ulrich book isn’t recipe help – but it sure is inspirational.  I can’t put it down.
With my meals planned for the rest of the week, I then made myself tonight’s dinner:
Grilled tilapia, grilled zucchini/squash/red onion, and long grain wild rice
Love how my pile of veggies is way huger than the rest of my dinner? I always do that, I suppose that’s a good thing though. 
Netflix to watch.
What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting?


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